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Gear A handy item for tracking weather and a classic that does almost everything else

Who Needs Al Roker?

THE KESTREL 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker ($329), from
Nielsen-Kellerman, is a handheld weather station. It measures
barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, temperature,
humidity, wind speed, windchill factor, dew point, wet bulb
temperature and heat stress. The Kestrel 4000 can store up to
four months of data, so when a similar array of factors occurs,
users can accurately predict the weather. Nielsen-Kellerman,

A Sharp Knife

SWISS ARMY'S Altimeter Plus ($102) puts a contemporary twist on
a classic pocketknife. An LCD window in the handle displays
altitude in meters and feet, and temperature in Celsius and
Fahrenheit. (You switch between the readings by pressing the
Cross and Shield button.) In addition to the electronic
gadgetry, the tool features the familiar Swiss Army accessories,
including large and small blades, a bottle opener, screwdriver,
wire stripper, corkscrew, can opener, scissors, tweezers and a
toothpick. Swiss Army, 800-442-2706;