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In last season's Orange Bowl, Oklahoma's defense shut down
Florida State's powerful offense, and the Sooners won 13-2.
Linebacker Torrance Marshall, who had six tackles and one
interception, was named the game's MVP. Before Marshall, who was
the last linebacker to be selected as a bowl MVP for a national
championship team?

a. Brian Bosworth, Oklahoma
b. Bernard Clark, Miami
c. Shane Conlan, Penn State
d. Barry Krauss, Alabama

If Miami wins the Rose Bowl, it will win the BCS national
championship and will almost certainly remain No. 1 in the AP
writers' poll. Who was the last unanimous national champion to
earn that title in the Rose Bowl?

Pair the defunct bowl with its host city.

1. Cherry Bowl a. Anaheim
2. Freedom Bowl b. Fresno
3. Raisin Bowl c. Phoenix
4. Salad Bowl d. Pontiac, Mich.

Place these schools in order of alltime bowl appearances
(including the upcoming games), from most to least.

a. Ohio State b. Georgia
c. Notre Dame d. Washington


DEFENSIVE POSTURE: b. Miami's Bernard Clark made 14 tackles as
the Hurricanes defeated Oklahoma 20-14 in the 1988 Orange Bowl.

CROWN OF ROSES: Southern Cal defeated Ohio State 42-17 in the
1973 Rose Bowl and was named the nation's top team in both the
coaches' and writers' polls. Since then three teams have won a
share of the national championship in Pasadena: USC (twice),
Michigan and Washington.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. a; 3. b; 4. c

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Georgia (37 postseason appearances); 2. Ohio
State (33); 3. Washington (29); 4. Notre Dame (24)