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Free Market

On Nov. 4, 1976, baseball's first free-agent draft took place at
New York City's Plaza Hotel. Who was the first player to be
signed under this system?

a. Sal Bando b. Bill Campbell
c. Dave Cash d. Reggie Jackson

Last season the average salary for a major league player
exceeded $2 million for the first time. In 1982 the first
contract guaranteeing a player an average of $2 million per year
was signed. Who was the player?

A team that loses a player to free agency is awarded a
compensating pick in the ensuing June amateur draft. Pair these
former free agents with the players who were taken with the
resulting compensation picks.

1. Bud Black a. Johnny Damon
2. Tom Candiotti b. Shawn Green
3. John Smiley c. Torii Hunter
4. Kurt Stillwell d. Shannon Stewart

Place the following in order of dollar value, from highest to

a. Construction cost of Pittsburgh's PNC Park
b. Alex Rodriguez's contract with the Rangers
c. A B-1B bomber
d. Total 2001-02 payroll of the five teams in the NHL's Atlantic


BUSINESS LEADERS: b. On Nov. 6, 1976, the Red Sox signed former
Twins reliever Bill Campbell, making him the first player to
sign as a free-agent draftee.

TOP DOLLAR: The Mets made slugging leftfielder George Foster
baseball's first $2 million man when they signed him to a
five-year, $10.2 million deal in February 1982.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b; 2. d; 3. c; 4. a

CALL TO ORDER: 1. B-1B bomber ($280 million); 2. Rodriguez's
contract ($252 million); 3. PNC Park ($228 million); 4. Atlantic
Division ($220 million)