He's windsurfed around the world, from the waters off the
Hawaiian Islands to the shores of the Canary Islands, but never
has Kevin Pritchard, 25, found himself in a setting quite like
Temptation Island. Last summer the 2000 Professional Windsurfers
Association world champ spent a month in Costa Rica filming
Fox's Temptation Island 2. As one of the show's "sexy singles,"
Pritchard has sailed through the first seven (of 10) episodes.
You can catch his appearance on episode eight on Jan. 17 at 9 p.m.

SI: Did you do anything on Temptation Island that you couldn't
tell your mother?

KP: Well, I haven't really told her anything....

SI: How did the competition on Temptation Island 2 compare with
that in the Professional Windsurfers Association?

KP: Temptation Island was a little less competitive. Windsurfers
are pretty competitive guys, both on the party side and on the

SI: Your life is one big temptation, isn't it?

KP: I get to see the world, live the ideal lifestyle. I play
every day on the water, and I'm out windsurfing and surfing and
riding motocross. I think people would find that pretty tempting.

SI: You and your brother, Matt (ranked No. 19 in the world),
competed at everything growing up. Did you ever compete over a

KP: Usually that's the only time we ever fight. Not over a girl
but, like, if he has a lame girlfriend. He's had a couple of
lame girlfriends, and they would hold him back from going out
and playing. That would piss me off.

SI: What's the main thing you learned on Temptation Island 2?

KP: How good I have it. All the guys and girls on the island
kept talking about their jobs and how great a vacation this was.
That month I spent in Costa Rica was almost like work for me
because I lead this lifestyle all the time.

--Richard Deitsch