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On Your (Book) Marks

Torry Holt, wide receiver, St. Louis Rams

Time spent on the Internet: Up to an hour each day.

Computer: Hewlett-Packard with a 20-inch screen and a high-speed
connection to the Internet.

Own website: Yes, He answers 10 e-mail questions
a month from fans and writes a monthly journal. He also plans to
start a clothing line called Big Game Sportswear. (His nickname
when he played at North Carolina State was Big Game.) Some
designs can be seen by punching the Gear link on his website.

SITES HE REGULARLY VISITS "I'm trying to learn more about art. I have a
contemporary art collection in my basement. I have a painting of
Muhammad Ali that I got in L.A., and I have some abstract art
that a friend made for me. At I look for what's
new and try to read up on different artists." "I like to see what the latest fashion is." "I'm a big basketball fan, but I don't care much
about baseball. I just watch baseball during the World Series."

Going Once, Going Twice
The online auction items of the week

Winning Bid: $1,025

DESCRIPTION: This fight poster promoting one of the greatest
sporting events of the 20th century--the first Muhammad Ali-Joe
Frazier match, in 1971--is signed twice by the Greatest. The
poster exhorts the public to watch the bout at a movie theater
on exclusive closed circuit "direct from ringside--Madison
Square Garden."

Winning Bid: $17.75

DESCRIPTION: If Sally Field was the Flying Nun, these two
ceramic figurines must be the Playing Nuns. The one dressed in
the white habit is bowling, while the other one, clad in black,
is catching a baseball.