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TV Talk

He's been called the Canadian Cosell (and a lot worse), but no
broadcaster in his country is more popular than the jingoistic
Don Cherry, the star of Coach's Corner on CBC's Hockey Night in
Canada, which airs on Saturdays.

SI: Which of the following nicknames fits you best: Prime
Minister of Saturday Night, the Last Real Canadian or National

Cherry: I'll take the second one.

SI: Monday Night Football is perpetually searching for a
colorful analyst. Any interest?

Cherry: I don't want to broadcast a game in which the players
wear visors and run out of bounds.

SI: Would you rather call a beautiful goal by a Swede or a great
fight between Canadian boys?

Cherry: Need you ask? Nothing like two good guys having a go.

SI: You consider yourself a sex symbol. Who's the sexier
Canadian: You or Celine Dion?

Cherry: Who does she play for?

SI: You're famous for your keen fashion sense. Do you have a
favorite ensemble?

Cherry: My lime-green suit is a beauty, and when I wear it with
a pink tie, look out! When I go into certain bars, all the guys
want to hold my hand and buy me a drink.

SI: Years ago Pavel Bure responded to one of your criticisms of
him by saying, "Do you comment on the clowns at the circus?"
Isn't that unfair to hardworking clowns?

Cherry: Pavel and I have kissed and made up. I guess he saw me
in my lime-green suit.

SI: Speaking of kissing, you kissed a player--Doug Gilmour--on
the air. Isn't that European behavior?

Cherry: It is, but it wasn't a French kiss.

SI: Do you regret calling Swedish players "chicken Swedes"?

Cherry: I've never called a Swede a chicken because I have
nothing against chickens.

SI: What kind of hockey player would your CBC partner Ron
MacLean be?

Cherry: A chicken Swede.