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Q & A

During her 19-year LPGA career, Jane Geddes has won 11
tournaments, including the 1986 U.S. Open. Now comes the real
challenge--returning to college full time to finish her degree,
a project that began last fall. A senior, Geddes should graduate
in December with a degree in criminology.

SI: We hear going back to school is going to be expensive for
some of your LPGA colleagues.

JG: I'd been thinking about it for at least 10 years, and it had
become such a joke on tour that Amy Benz and Beth Daniel bet
$1,000 that I'd never do it.

SI: What finally got you to do it?

JG: Last August I was driving in Tampa, where I live, when I saw
a billboard for the University of South Florida. The next week I
met with a counselor at the school, and he told me about a
program for old people like me who want to finish their

SI: You attended Florida State but left early. What happened?

JG: Playing golf at Florida State began my career in golf but
also ended my career in school.

SI: How bad was your GPA?

JG: All I'll say is that I want to redeem myself at Florida State
by attending law school there.

SI: Have you gone to any frat parties at South Florida?

JG: I haven't been invited yet. They might think I was someone's
parent crashing their party.

SI: Got plans for spring break?

JG: I'm going to get crazy and play in the Ping Banner Health
tournament in Phoenix.

SI: At 42, do you feel like a mom to your younger classmates?

JG: Most of the time I feel like one of the students. I had a lot
of group projects last semester and panicked at first, figuring
the kids would think I was a nerd, but everyone was great. Most
of them have no idea who I am other than Jane, their group

SI: How were your grades last semester?

JG: Accounting B+, Statistics B, Management C+, Economics C (I
hated that class!), Technical Writing A+. Overall I had a 3.0,
give or take a few hundredths of a point. I was happy,
considering I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

SI: LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw is a lawyer. Do you want his job?

JG: You could not pay me enough, because he has one of the
hardest jobs in sports. I'm leaning more toward corporate law.

SI: What is harder, reading greens or textbooks?

JG: No question, textbooks. Have you taken a peek at a statistics
book lately?