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TV Talk

She wakes up America weekday mornings on the Today show, but on
Friday, NBC's Katie Couric hits prime time as cohost of the
Winter Olympics opening ceremonies with Bob Costas. We recently
caught up to the 45-year-old Couric, who's dating new Red Sox
co-owner Tom Werner.

SI: What are the odds that you'll snowboard during the Olympics?

Couric: About as likely as seeing me in a two-person luge with
Bryant Gumbel.

SI: Is the maneuvering for airtime between you and your Today
show colleagues more or less competitive than Nancy versus Tonya
in Lillehammer?

Couric: Well, I've brought in a metal pipe to work a few times.

SI: Would you trust Willard Scott to light the Olympic torch?

Couric: That sounds risky. This is a guy who forgot to wear his
pants to work one morning.

SI: What's the tougher assignment for the opening ceremonies:
pronouncing the name of Turkmenistan or vying with Bob for

Couric: Bob is a generous cohost, but I'm disappointed that
Djibouti won't be competing in the Winter Games.

SI: Should our readers be impressed or scared by a woman who has
a personal trainer named High Voltage?

Couric: Scared.

SI: Since Oprah Winfrey's magazine O has been such a big hit, how
soon until we see a magazine called K?

Couric: It might be called O.K.

SI: When you interviewed Michael Johnson in Sydney, you seemed
obsessed with his golden shoes. You got a shoe fetish?

Couric: It's hard to understand, but this time I'll be drooling
over Picabo's apres-ski boots.

SI: If Matt Lauer were a Winter Games event, what would he be?

Couric: Curling. It's the only sport more heart-stopping than

SI: Promise that you won't do Fear Factor to improve NBC's

Couric: Me in a bathing suit is not a ratings grabber.

SI: Finally, will you get us Red Sox seats at Fenway?

Couric: Hello, hello? I think I'm in a bad cell area. I'm losing