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Gear Check out these cool items to help you see and be seen in the great outdoors

Glow, Baby, Glow!
This running jacket from illumiNITE adds a reflective twist to
running or cycling apparel. The fabric, which is embedded with
microscopic metalized glass beads, appears normal in daylight but
brightly reflects light in the dark, making your entire
silhouette visible, rather than just an armband or vest. Other
apparel available from illumiNITE includes pants, hats, headbands
and gloves. illumiNITE, 508-231-0748;

High Beams
Need a bright light to search for your car keys on the trail?
What about a dim beam that keeps your hands free while you study
your map for the nearest outpost of civilization? Black Diamond's
Gemini Headlamp ($38.50) combines LED and halogen illumination in
one unit. Operating on three AA batteries, the Gemini's LED lamp
can burn for 1,000 hours, while the halogen beam lasts for up to
10 hours. Black Diamond, 801-278-5533;

Roll Your Eyes
With SportEYZ (about $10) you never have to worry about broken
sunglasses. Made of a flexible polycarbonate material,
SportEYZ--available with gray and yellow lenses--can be rolled up
to fit into a container about the size of a 35-millimeter film
canister. Best of all, they provide 100% UV protection. Just
don't try to load them in your camera. SportEYZ, 916-736-9167;