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SI Adventure

--Back on Board
Why has Kelly Slater returned to the pro surfing tour? To prove
he's still the king

--Powder Puff
Popular in Finland, will the extreme sport of skimbat take wing
in the U.S.?

--Inside Out
Steph Davis makes climbing history in Patagonia, whitewater to
go and more news

--Murphy's Law
A happy marriage between snowboarders and the Olympics is but a
halfpipe dream

COLOR PHOTO: Photograph by Sallie Dean Shatz Working Without a Net For a second straight year, Kim Csizmazia navigated a slippery slope while free soloing (no ropes) her way to victory at the Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado.

"Little girls aren't going down to the beach to see Mick Fanning
and Joel Parkinson. Kelly Slater is a rock star."
--Sam George, page A4