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Title Towns

Last February, Denver's Pepsi Center hosted the 2001 NHL All-Star
Game, and in June the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. That made
Denver the first city since New York in 1994 to be home to both
the NHL All-Star Game and the Cup champs. What's the last NBA
city to be home to the All-Star Game and the league champs in the
same season?

a. Houston b. Los Angeles
c. San Antonio d. Seattle


Which two metropolitan areas' teams have faced each other in the
Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup finals?

Pair these onetime championship teams with the city where the
franchise originated.

1. Washington Redskins a. Milwaukee
2. New Jersey Devils b. Kansas City
3. Baltimore Orioles c. Syracuse
4. Philadelphia 76ers d. Boston

Place the following cities in order of alltime championships won
in the four major sports.

a. Chicago
b. Detroit
c. Los Angeles
d. Pittsburgh


STAR TREATMENT: b. The 1972 NBA All-Star Game was in L.A.; the
Lakers beat the Knicks in the finals.

COMMON OPPONENTS: St. Louis and Boston. The Patriots played the
Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI; the Cardinals beat the Red Sox in the
1946 and '67 World Series; the Celtics faced the Hawks, then in
St. Louis, in the NBA Finals of '57, '58, '60 and '61; and the
Bruins swept the Blues in the '70 Stanley Cup finals.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. b; 3. a; 4. c

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Chicago 21 (Bears 7, Bulls 6, Blackhawks 3,
Cubs 2, White Sox 2, NFL Cardinals 1); 2. Detroit 19 (Red Wings
9, Tigers 4, Lions 4, Pistons 2); 3. Los Angeles 15 (Lakers 8,
Dodgers 5, Raiders 1, Rams 1); 4. Pittsburgh 11 (Pirates 5,
Steelers 4, Penguins 2)