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Democracy is alive and well at, where votes are being
tallied in a contest to determine, as the site puts it, "which
[of these nine LPGA] luscious links lynx should doff her kitschy
golf togs for Playboy." To translate, the winner will be offered
a contract to pose for the magazine once the polls close on
Saturday. Jill McGill (above, currently second to Carin Koch in
the voting) and Kris Tschetter (seventh) deconstructed the
competition for SI.

SI: So what do you think about the poll?

JM: I think it's great. It's flattering to have been chosen, and
it's great exposure for the tour. It's certainly been the talk of
the locker room.

SI: Have you voted for yourself yet?

JM: No. That's a silly question.

SI: Will you pose if you win?

JM: It depends.

SI: On what?

JM: I'd have to talk to my sponsors and make sure this wouldn't
portray them in a light they're not comfortable with. Then
there's the issue of how much skin they'd want me to show, the
money.... Hey, Kris Tschetter just walked in. Let me give her the
phone, and you can ask her if she'd pose.

KT: I don't have the body for it! But Jill, you do.

JM: Thanks, but you haven't seen me naked. (Both laugh.)

SI: Jill, you really don't think you're Playboy material?

JM: What worries me is that I don't think I have the chest. I'm a
golfer, not a model.

SI: For the record, what's the skimpiest outfit you've worn for a
photo shoot?

JM: A bathing suit for a Japanese calendar.

SI: What does your dad think about all of this?

JM: He's having a good laugh about the poll, but I don't think
any father would be excited about his daughter's posing for

SI: At least it's Playboy and not a magazine like Hustler.

JM: It sounds as if you're an expert on the topic. I wouldn't
know one from the other.

SI: You've never looked at Playboy?

JM: No.

SI: How about Playgirl?

JM: Not in a long time.