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SI Adventure

--Golden Boy?
Ross Powers is snowboarding's poster child--which means he's the
perfect party animal

--Splashy Pair
Jimmy Blakeney and Erica Mitchell are the power couple of
freestyle kayaking

--Uncharted Waters
Rebecca Rusch is racing in Vietnam to learn about the father she
barely knew

What began as a snowmobile joyride turned into a 17-hour ordeal
for Rulon Gardner

--Inside Out
Mountain biking's one-legged wonder, David Breashears's new IMAX
flick and more news

--Murphy's Law
The scent of snowmobiles in Yellowstone has rangers--and
countless others--fuming

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY ANDY METTLER/REUTERS Trek meet The 11,027 competitors in Saturday's 26.2-mile Engadin Nordic ski marathon formed a movable swoosh in the snow as they traversed Lake Sils in southeast Switzerland.

"I could easily ask for $1 million, but that would be almost
unmoral. There's better things in Count Choco
cereal." --Danny Kass, page A9