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TV Talk

He has tackled Willy Loman and Hickey on Broadway and played an
alien in Cocoon. Now Brian Dennehy sinks his teeth into another
memorable character, Bobby Knight. We recently caught up to
Dennehy, 63, the star of A Season on the Brink, which will air
again on ESPN Classic on March 24 and March 25.

SI: Have you ever thrown a chair across a room?

Dennehy: Yes, when I was making a movie in January.

SI: How would you react if I came up to you on the street and
said, "Hey Dennehy, what's up?"

Dennehy: I'd say, "Not the stock market."

SI: Did being one of NBC's The Fighting Fitzgeralds prepare you
for the Knight role?

Dennehy: Well, it strengthened my vocal cords.

SI: Would you trade your Tony or Golden Globe for an NCAA

Dennehy: I regard them as being my NCAA championship.

SI: You've starred as Hickey in The Iceman Cometh. How many of
our readers would know that it's not a play about George Gervin?

Dennehy: Not too many, I suspect.

SI: Do you expect to hear from Knight now that the film's been

Dennehy: I wouldn't mind going out to dinner with him. I'll even
schlep to bumf--- Texas or wherever he is.

SI: How many red sweaters did you own before A Season on the

Dennehy: Not one.

SI: How many do you own now?

Dennehy: Not one. It was the first time I didn't take my wardrobe
with me.