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Sweet 16

Sarah Hughes is a real girl with genuine family values, the kind
of role model that youths need. I cried watching her skate to
victory. She was so happy that she seemed to soar without
effort. But now that I have read The Life of Reilly (March 4)
and know the whole story, I understand the love that made it
MARLENE HOLOHAN, Shrewsbury, Mass.

Parents do have a great deal to do with kids' growing up to be
cool. Congratulations to Sarah and to Rick Reilly for pointing
that out.
BILL PALMER, Lindsay, Calif.

All That Glitters

Thanks for writing about Croatia's Janica Kostelic (Golden
Gates, March 4) and her record medal haul. The Olympics are an
international event, and to pass over what Kostelic did would
have been a travesty.
ANTE COP, Warren, N.J.

Smokeless Tobacco

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company is a distinctly different tobacco
company. We pride ourselves both on making the highest quality
smokeless tobacco products for adults in the world and on being
a highly responsible corporate citizen. Accordingly, we feel we
have a responsibility to respond to Rick Reilly's recent column
(THE LIFE OF REILLY, March 18). SI readers should know the
column contained misstatements, mischaracterization and
descriptions of some behaviors we find both surprising and
abhorrent. We are the only smokeless tobacco company to sign an
agreement to work with various state attorneys general to
significantly reduce youth access to tobacco products and have
voluntarily adopted an array of advertising and promotional
restrictions. At U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, it has been our
long-standing policy that tobacco products are for adults only.
It is extremely important to point out that on a national basis,
youth usage of smokeless tobacco is low and declining. You do
not have to take our word for it. That is the finding of the
Healthy People 2000 survey, conducted by the U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services, and other national surveys. We will
continue to seek out new and innovative ways to discourage sales
to minors. To gain a better understanding of our products and
policies, as well as our views on certain advertising and
regulatory issues, visit
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.

--SI and Rick Reilly stand behind the facts in his column as
published. --ED.

PC or Not PC?

As the son of a full-blooded Cherokee mother (The Indian Wars,
March 4), I find it offensive that so-called Native American
leaders waste time bemoaning Indian team names while letting our
people's real issues go unaddressed. The poverty level on
reservations in the U.S. is higher than in any other place in
the country, alcoholism on reservations is rampant, and our
inadequate school system lacks qualified educators! Native
American activists, like Congress, waste time arguing about
frivolous causes while ignoring genuine ills.
JON C. ZANEWYCH, Alpharetta, Ga.

There is nothing more amazing than Chief Illiniwek's entrance
and dance on the field at an Illinois home football game. The
fans get chills. Chief Illiniwek is respected, honored and loved
at Illinois. How could this be demeaning? He is not a silly
dressed-up mascot, but rather a symbol. People need to shift
their focus away from Chief Illiniwek and to the many other
areas that truly affect lives.

If you're addressing 1,000 people and find out what you're
calling them offends 400 of them, is it O.K. to continue doing
DAVID FIKAR, Lincoln, Neb.

I have always thought the Redskins could get rid of that
offensive name by simply changing three letters and calling
themselves the Pigskins. There's an obvious link to football,
the team could keep its Hail to ... song, and those ridiculous
men in dresses with the hog noses would fit right in. There's
already plenty of pork in the nation's capital.
HOLLY WONG, Mountainside, N.J.

I teach children who have no contact with Native American
culture. What they do know are team logos, names and
paraphernalia. How sad is it that their idea of an Indian is
Chief Wahoo? The issue is not who is offended or how many are
offended; the issue is that the images, symbols and names are a
myth. Tell our children the truth. It is a moral responsibility.
DONNA REDWINE, Lexington, Ky.

We know that Indian team mascots do not honor Indians for one
simple reason: Others are not seeking the same treatment for
their racial or ethnic groups.
LAWRENCE BACA, Alexandria, Va.

Waste Removal

The report on Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal (SCORECARD, March 4)
was the most tasteless thing you have ever done. How many writers
did you have to go through to find the two who embarrassed
themselves by working on the piece?
LEW COHEN, Philadelphia


No pressure performance (SCORECARD, March 4) tops the two free
throws by Doug Collins in the 1972 Olympic gold medal basketball
game against the Soviets. With three seconds to go and his team
down by one, he made both shots. Nothing about the subsequent
stealing of the game by the refs takes away from what Collins
did in making those shots.