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Going Once, Going Twice The online auction items of the week

Winning Bid: $51
DESCRIPTION: Someone decided not to go to the 1984 National
League Championship Series, perhaps knowing that the Cubs would
be beaten by the Padres and, as usual, have no need for World
Series tickets.

Winning Bid: $20.50
DESCRIPTION: The cover of this 1980-81 Indiana media guide
features seniors (from left) Ray Tolbert, Steve Risley, Phil
Isenbarger and Glen Grunwald. That season Isiah Thomas, a
sophomore, led the Hoosiers to the NCAA title.

Winning Bid: $36
DESCRIPTION: This is a first edition of the 1910 book African Big
Game Trails, which was written by President Teddy Roosevelt a
year after he left the White House.



On Your (Book) Marks

Jeff Cirillo, 3B, Seattle Mariners

Time spent on the Internet: "Usually about 30 minutes to an hour
a day."

Computer: Gateway desktop for the home and a Gateway laptop on
the road.

Sites he regularly visits: "I like to go to and, which is like Napster because you can download
music. I do a lot of gaming too, like, and I play
backgammon on Yahoo!"

(E)Mail call: "I answer all my e-mail, and I get a lot from fans.
I caught up with people from high school who I hadn't heard from
in a long time."