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Sunday 3/31 ESPN2 8 PM
--Indians at Angels
Baseball's regular season kicks off in Anaheim with the once
mighty Indians' lineup now featuring Ricky Gutierrez, Brady
Anderson and Milton Bradley instead of stars Roberto Alomar, Juan
Gonzalez and Kenny Lofton.

Tuesday 4/2 TBS 8 PM
--Lakers at Wizards
The last time Michael Jordan (below) went against L.A., on Feb.
12 at the Staples Center, Air watched Heir (Kobe Bryant) ring up
23 points, 15 assists and 11 rebounds for his third career triple
double in a 103-94 Lakers win.

Tuesday 4/2 ESPN 10 PM
--Mohr Sports
Late night adds another Jay as ESPN tackles the talk-show game
with a sports and interview hour hosted by actor-comedian Jay


sizzling & fizzling


--Gripping Grappling Coverage
Bravo to ESPN for recognizing that there are wrestling storylines
that don't involve Vince McMahon or the Rock. Last weekend
SportsCenter reporter Steve Cyphers documented Iowa State's Cael
Sanderson's march toward perfection on the mat (page 44).

--Meet the Press
Some network should establish a regular forum for Tim Russert to
interview sports figures. The NBC newsman's conversations with
the Yankees' Jason Giambi, Mariano Rivera and Joe Torre for his
eponymous CNBC show produced some poignant reflections on 9/11,
among other topics.

--Still a Big Hitter
Adding former Padres great Tony Gwynn to its baseball
broadcasting team is a coup for ESPN. Gwynn has the insights and
intelligence to follow the path of Joe Morgan and Rick Sutcliffe
as ex-jocks turned outstanding analysts.


--Oh, Baby
The inundation of promotional spots during the NCAA tournament
telecasts hawking CBS's new comedy show Baby Bob left us praying
they would throw out the Baby with the bathwater.

--Fan Interrupted
Lost amid discussion of the NFL's pending decision to make it
possible to move more interesting games late in the regular
season to ABC's Monday Night Football: the plight of ticket
buyers who expected to attend a Saturday- or Sunday-afternoon
game rather than one that sometimes ends in the wee hours on
Tuesday on the East coast.

--Thin Ice
Squeezing every last drop of interest in Salt Lake City's figure
skating darlings, NBC will air Jamie and David's Homecoming on
April 1, a taped special built around Jamie Sale and David
Pelletier's first skate since the Games.