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Super Killer Masters Quiz Think you know everything there is to know about Augusta National and the Masters? Try our 33-question brainteaser on for size. And please, no wagering


1. On what day was Bobby Jones born?

a. Valentine's Day
b. St. Patrick's Day
c. Groundhog Day
d. April Fools' Day

2. Who was so short on money that he wasn't sure he could afford
the train fare to the inaugural Masters in 1934, but died 2 1/2
months before the tournament?

a. Sportswriter Paul Gallico
b. Course designer Alister Mackenzie
c. Former president Theodore Roosevelt
d. Harry Vardon

3. Why did Olin Dutra, the 1932 PGA champion, turn down an
invitation to the first Masters?

a. He was allergic to azaleas.
b. He couldn't get off work as the pro at L.A.'s Brentwood
Country Club.
c. He owed Bobby Jones more than $2,500.
d. He was giving lessons to John D. Rockefeller.

4. Why did Gene Sarazen skip the inaugural Masters?

a. He was making a movie in Hollywood with W.C. Fields.
b. He heard the course was bad.
c. He had already planned exhibitions in South America.
d. He had already planned a snipe hunt.

5. Mark O'Meara, en route to winning the 1998 Masters with a
birdie on the final hole, was eight under on the 71st tee when
told that David Duval had finished eight under. O'Meara's

a. "I hope he doesn't serve burgers at the champions' dinner,
like Tiger did."
b. "He's going to be one short."
c. "Those sunglasses will look like hell with a green jacket."
d. "Good. I've got him on my rotisserie team this week."

6. When Nick Price shot a record 63 in 1986, who attested his

a. Bob Goalby
b. Nathaniel Crosby
c. Hord Hardin
d. Bruce Lietzke

7. In addition to the green jacket and a gold medal, what does
every Masters champ receive?

a. A sterling silver replica of the clubhouse
b. An engraved crystal set
c. A bust of Bobby Jones
d. Peach cobbler a la mode

8. In 1997 what singer arrived on Wednesday to view his first
Masters and within 15 minutes had been invited to caddie for
Brad Faxon in the par-3 tournament, while his wife was asked to
loop for Craig Stadler?

a. Alice Cooper
b. Vince Gill
c. Glenn Frey
d. Garth Brooks

9. A bronze bust of whom sits in an alcove by the spiral
staircase in the clubhouse?

a. Former tournament chairman Clifford Roberts
b. Colonel Robert P. Jones, Bobby Jones's father
c. Lee Elder
d. Former president Dwight Eisenhower

10. When honorary starters Freddie McLeod, 88, and Jock
Hutchison, 86, arrived at the 1st tee in 1970, Hutchison asked
to borrow a tee. McLeod's reply?

a. "What happened to the one I gave you last year?"
b. "Mind if I play through, you old coot?"
c. "I don't suppose you remembered to bring a club and ball,
d. "Oh, no. Not you again."

11. Who was the first player to win the tournament three times?

a. Ben Hogan
b. Sam Snead
c. Arnold Palmer
d. Jimmy Demaret

12. With the 1992 tournament effectively won, what did Fred
Couples say to his caddie on the 72nd hole as he waited to play
his approach?

a. "Whatever you do, don't let Debbie jump on me again like the
last time."
b. "You know, Joe, I don't even own a sport coat."
c. "I don't have to give a speech or anything, do I?"
d. "Can you believe the Knicks only scored 37 points in the
first half last night?"

13. According to Bobby Jones, why was he assigned to an
intelligence job interviewing German prisoners of war during
World War II?

a. He'd taken a semester of German in college.
b. He told a superior officer that he'd read Faust.
c. He was the only man in his outfit who'd visited Europe before
the war.
d. All of the above.

14. Gary Player's father, Harry, in a 1957 letter to tournament
officials seeking an invitation for his son (left), said that
while Gary didn't have the money for the trip, Harry would "pass
the hat" among friends if Gary was invited. What did Roberts say
in his reply?

a. "Your name has been added to our list of patrons waiting for
badges, thank you."
b. "Tell your son to keep practicing."
c. "Pass the hat."
d. "Why don't you call Mr. Dunlop?"

15. Tiger Woods, keeping a low profile last year while winning
his fourth straight major, stayed in a private home with his
personal trainer. Who prepared most of Tiger's meals?

a. His mother, Tida
b. Mark O'Meara's wife, Alicia
c. McDonald's
d. Davis Love III

16. Greg Norman's collapse in the final round in 1996 came on
the anniversary of what event?

a. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865
b. The death of composer George Frideric Handel in 1759
c. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912
d. All of the above






Can you identify these first-round leaders at Augusta?

1. In 1992, while shooting a 65 on Thursday, I became the first
player ever to ace the then 205-yard 4th hole. (I gave the ball
to my mom, who was standing near the green.)

2. In 1985 I opened with a 68 and was one of only three players
to break 70 that day. Two weeks before the tournament I had made
some changes to my swing after comparing it with a stick-figure
model on a computer. Payne Stewart played with acupuncture
needles in his earlobes. I wore a gray fedora.

3. In 1986, playing in my first Masters and with my sister on
my bag, I made seven birdies and shot 68. Dude, I was
unconscious, sinking a 40-footer on the 1st hole, a 70-footer on
the 5th, a 50-footer at 16 and a 35-footer at 18. A green
jacket would've matched the rest of my wardrobe.

4. In 1989, when I was 49, I shot a 67 to become the oldest
first-round leader. The year before, when I failed to break 80
and missed the cut, I said, "I hope to God they don't send me an
invitation next year."

5. I finally made it to Augusta in 1990, at 34, but not in my
wildest dreams did I think I'd shoot a 64 my first time out and
become the Cinderella story. I turned into a pumpkin the next day
when I shot an 82. My nickname is Stats because I memorize sports


Match the player with the Sunday blunder that ruined his chances
of winning. (Note: Two players suffered the same wreck.)


1. Ralph Guldahl, 1937
2. Sam Snead, 1951
3. Billy Joe Patton, 1954
4. Arnold Palmer, 1961
5. Curtis Strange, 1985
6. Seve Ballesteros, 1986
7. Greg Norman, 1986
8. Greg Norman, 1989
9. Mike Reid, 1989
10. Tom Lehman, 1994
11. Greg Norman, 1995
12. David Duval, 2001


a. Hit his ball into the water at 13 and 15.
b. Blocked a four-iron into the gallery next to the 18th green.
c. Blew a seven-iron over the green at 16.
d. Layup with an iron at 18 landed in a fairway bunker.
e. Skulled a bunker shot over the 18th green, made a double
bogey and lost by one.
f. Chunked a pitch into the water at 15 to make double bogey.
g. Hit into the water left of the 11th green and made a
quadruple-bogey 8.
h. Smother-hooked a four-iron into the water at 15.
i. Doubled the 12th and then bogeyed the 13th.
j. Pulled a sand wedge approach left of the 17th green and then
k. Misclubbed on his approach to 18, landing short and made a
bogey to miss the playoff by a shot.


16 QUESTIONS: 1. b; 2. b; 3. b; 4. c; 5. b; 6. d; 7. a; 8. c; 9.
d; 10. a; 11. d; 12. d; 13. b; 14. c; 15. b; 16. d

LEADER IN THE CLUBHOUSE: 1. Jeff Sluman; 2. Gary Hallberg; 3.
Ken Green; 4. Lee Trevino; 5. Mike Donald

TRAIN WRECK: 1. i; 2. g; 3. a; 4. e; 5. a; 6. h; 7. b; 8. k; 9.
f; 10. d; 11. j; 12. c


25 to 33 You really do know everything there is to know about
the Masters (and need to get a life).
17 to 24 A green jacket is in your future.
9 to 16 Time to stop and smell the azaleas.
0 to 8 Tennis, anyone?