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Feeling a Draft

The expansion Houston Texans will step into the spotlight at the
NFL's 2002 draft, scheduled for April 20-21 in New York's Madison
Square Garden. The Texans have the first overall selection and
are expected to grab Fresno State quarterback David Carr. Who was
the last first-round choice of Houston's old team, the Oilers,
before they bolted for Tennessee in 1997?

a. Kevin Dyson c. Kenny Holmes
b. Eddie George d. Steve McNair

Northwestern's Napoleon Harris is expected to be the first
linebacker selected in the draft. Not counting two-way players,
only three linebackers have been taken with the top pick. Who
were they?

Pair these NFL Hall of Famers with the round in which they were

1. Raymond Berry a. third
2. Sunny Jurgensen b. fourth
3. Ray Nitsche c. 19th
4. Andy Robustelli d. 20th

Put these teams in order of the number of times they have made
the first selection in the draft, from most to fewest.

a. Colts c. Buccaneers
b. Cowboys d. Saints


HOWDY HOUSTON: c. The Oilers made Miami defensive end Kenny
Holmes their first pick (18th overall) in 1997, their last season
in Houston.

THREE OF A KIND: The linebackers who were taken first in the
draft were Tommy Nobis ('66 Saints), Tom Cousineau ('79 Bills)
and Aundray Bruce ('88 Falcons). Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik
('49 Eagles) played both linebacker and center in his 13-year

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. b; 3. a; 4. c

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Colts (six picks); 2. Buccaneers (four); 3.
Cowboys (three); 4. Saints (one)