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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN Horse Fly Give Over (10), T.P. Rudd up, clears the first of many fences and hurdles on his way to finishing second in the Irish Grand National.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY STANISLAV ZBYNEK/AP Sumo Enchanted Evening U.S.-born world champion Emanuel Yarbrough, who at 770 pounds is the world's heaviest sumotori, faces an underage and undersized opponent in a joke exhibition at the Czech Republic's open championships.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY TOM PIDGEON/GETTY IMAGES Snow Hits, Snow Runs Tigers centerfielder Jose Macias isn't catching anything but a cold as snow falls during Detroit's home opener, in which the Tigers got chilled 10-1 by the Indians. On Monday, after Detroit had lost six straight, general manager Randy Smith and skipper Phil Garner learned that they too were out in the cold (page 79).