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On Your (Book) Marks

Steve Kerr, guard,
Portland Trail Blazers

Time spent on the Internet: "Probably an hour a day."

Computer: Toshiba Protege laptop

Sites he regularly visits: "I use Google as a search engine to
find things I need. I play Scrabble on the plane and on the road,
but I use the computer mainly for communication. I receive and
send about a dozen e-mails a day."

E story: "I had a group of about six students from a small
university in Toronto e-mail me. They told me they named their
intramural team after me. I looked up their website, and, sure
enough, they called themselves the Steve Kerr All-Stars, which is
an oxymoron. When we played up there, I got them tickets to the
game, and then I hung out with them."

Going Once Going Twice
The online auction items of the week

Winning Bid: $51
DESCRIPTION: Before Caddyshack and Tin Cup, the cult golf movie
was the tear-inducing Follow the Sun, a biopic of Ben Hogan. This
poster advertises the 1951 film, which starred Glenn Ford and
featured appearances by links legend Sam Snead and sportswriter
Grantland Rice.

Winning Bid: $31.03
DESCRIPTION: Legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray may be gone,
but his voice lives on in this CD of highlights from his 13 years
with WGN Radio.