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Horse Sense

None of the early favorites for this year's Kentucky Derby are
fillies. In fact, since the race started in 1875, only three
winners have come from the distaff side. Who is the only filly to
enter the Derby starting gates as the favorite and also emerge as
the winner?

a. Genuine Risk (1980)
b. Prudery (1921)
c. Regret (1915)
d. Winning Colors (1988)

Traditionally the first Saturday in May has been race day in
Louisville, but it hasn't always been that way. What was the last
year that the race was held on a different weekend?

Pair these trainers with their famous Derby-winning horse.

1. Lazaro Barrera a. Affirmed
2. Ben A. Jones b. Burgoo King
3. Lucien Laurin c. Citation
4. H.J. Thompson d. Secretariat

Put these legendary jockeys in order of victories in the Kentucky
Derby, from most to fewest.

a. Eddie Arcaro
b. Angel Cordero Jr.
c. Eddie Delahoussaye
d. Bill Shoemaker


LADIES FIRST: c. Of the five female horses who started the race
as favorites, Regret is the only one to win.

MAY DAY: The last time the Kentucky Derby was held on a weekend
other than the first in May was in 1945. The race was run on June
9, one month after a national wartime ban on horse racing was
lifted. Hoop Jr., with Eddie Arcaro up, was the winner.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. a; 2. c; 3. d; 4. b

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Arcaro (tied with Bill Hartack for the most
with five); 2. Shoemaker (four); 3. Cordero (three); 4.
Delahoussaye (two)