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On Your (Book) Marks

Cory Collins, strong safety
Georgia Tech

Time spent on the Internet: "I use it every day. Whenever I'm in
my room, the computer is on."

Computer: Packard Bell PC with a Pentium III

Sites he regularly visits: "I go to Yahoo! about once a week to
play spades or dominoes against people I don't know. I'm a
spades fanatic. I don't like to lose. Sometimes I use my
girlfriend as my partner, but the other people don't know that.
We know what cards the other one has. It's good to have that
kind of advantage."

E Story: "One time when I was talking to my friends on IM, they
sent me a link they wanted me to open. First they told me to
turn the volume all the way up so I could hear it better. I did,
and the first thing I heard in this loud voice was, 'I'm
watching gay porn! I'm watching gay porn!' They got me pretty




Going Once Going Twice
The online auction items of the week

Winning Bid: $164.50
DESCRIPTION: An Allen Iverson bobblehead doll was placed on an
Internet auction site an hour after it was a giveaway at a 76ers
game last year. This Elvis Presley model (bobbleheads typically
cost $5 to $6), a promo item at a Memphis Grizzlies game on
April 5, was posted two hours and 43 minutes after tip-off.

Winning Bid: $52.69
DESCRIPTION: You may not have won the Fall Classic, but this
Diamondbacks' World Series replica ring, which was given to all
fans in attendance at Arizona's second home game this season,
will let you brag as if you had.