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On Your (Book) Marks

Randy Jordan, running back

Time spent on the Internet: A couple of hours each day

Computer: Toshiba Satellite laptop

Sites he regularly visits: "I do a lot of Internet gaming,
different sports and role-playing games. My big thing is playing
Links 2001--you can do fantasy courses or real courses. I like
playing Sawgrass and Poppy Ridge against a buddy on the East

E story: "You need a user name to play some of the games. I come
up with all sorts of names--Zeus, my favorite mythology figure, or
Pegasus 2000. One time I used Jordan28, my last name and uniform
number. I was playing a kid in Vallejo [Calif.], and he said,
'You're not by any chance Randy Jordan of the Raiders?' I told
him yeah. He asked me some questions, and finally he said,
'You're Randy!'"



Going Once Going Twice
The online auction items of the week

Winning Bid: $66
DESCRIPTION: This official Timberwolves jersey sports Kevin
Garnett's number and has a rare feature: It's done in a special
Gucci monogram fabric.

Winning Bid: $40.01
DESCRIPTION: Unless you're Tiger Woods, golf can be a humbling
game that makes you feel like a real stooge, a truth that is
embodied in this leather-banded Three Stooges wristwatch with a
faceplate featuring Larry, Moe and Curly on the links.