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Working Overtime

The NHL playoffs got off to a dramatic start with two overtime
games on the first night. The Flyers' Ruslan Fedotenko and the
Canucks' Henrik Sedin scored the winning goals against the
Senators and the Red Wings, respectively. It was the first
playoff overtime goal for each player. Who has the most OT goals
in a single Stanley Cup playoff series?

a. Glenn Anderson c. Dale Hunter
b. Mel Hill d. Maurice Richard

Last season 26 of the 86 total NHL playoff games went into
overtime. That was the second most in history, behind only the
1993 playoffs in which 28 of 85 games went into OT. What is the
record for the fewest overtime games in a playoff season?

--This Week's Matchup
Each of the players below scored in overtime to win the Stanley
Cup. Pair the player with the team he beat.

1. Pete Babando a. Blues
2. Uwe Krupp b. Bruins
3. Jacques Lemaire c. Panthers
4. Bobby Orr d. Rangers

Put these marksmen in order of career overtime playoff goals from
most to fewest.

a. Glenn Anderson c. Maurice Richard
b. Mario Lemieux d. Joe Sakic


LAST SHOT: b. The Bruins' Hill scored the overtime goal in three
of Boston's four victories against the Rangers in the 1939 NHL
semifinals. Hill won Games 1, 2 and 7 in extra time for the
eventual Stanley Cup champions.

ON TIME, EVERY TIME: The only NHL postseason without an overtime
was in 1963, when only 16 games were played and the Maple Leafs
beat the Red Wings in the finals. Not only were there no
overtimes, only three games were decided by one goal.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. d; 2. c; 3. b; 4. a

CALL TO ORDER: 1. Richard (six); 2. Anderson (five); 3. Sakic
(four); 4. Lemieux (none)