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July 8, 2002 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

Senior Moment Don Pooley held off Tom Watson to win a U.S. Senior Open that no one will soon forget

By Gary Van Sickle

The Week

Edited By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play Len Mattiace won for the second time this year using the same balanced, on-plane swing that he had as a kid learning to play the game at my club

By Michael Hebron Edited By Alan Shipnuck

Bottom Lines

By Sal Johnson Edited By Alan Shipnuck

Catching Up With...

Bob Lunn, Pro Golfer FEBRUARY 17, 1969

By Gene Menez

Running Like Crazy

By Steve Rushin


Grand Plan All signs point to Tiger's achieving what Arnie and Jack couldn't: victory in the third leg of the Grand Slam

By Michael Bamberger


Seize the Day

A reborn Ronaldo awoke from his four-year nightmare and led Brazil to its fifth World Cup title with a performance for the ages

By Grant Wahl

Pro Basketball

Double Dealing The Cavaliers needed to make a big, daring move on draft day, and G.M. Jim Paxson had the perfect plan. Well, almost perfect

By Ian Thomsen

Midseason Baseball Report

The Ichiro Paradox

No power, no personality, yet with no peer, the Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki may be the greatest player to come out of Japan and the worst thing to happen to Japanese baseball

By S.L. Price

The Right Stuff National League teams are scoring nearly half a run less per game than in 2001. Here's a scout's-eye view of six budding righthanders who are helping to hold batters at bay

By Jeff Pearlman

Lowe and Behold Who would have thought that Derek Lowe, nearly banned in Boston last year as a closer, would turn starter and ride his scintillating sinker into the hearts of Red Sox Nation?

By Tom Verducci

All the Answers In the game of prognostication you use every available tool. We've gazed into our Magic 8 Ball to see how the remainder of the season will play out

By Stephen Cannella

Suicide Squeeze Bud Selig has put his legacy on the line by tightening the screws on the players' union. If there's a strike this season, he'll be the one who takes the fall

By Frank Deford


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Tennis

Inside Tennis

By L. Jon Wertheim

Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Grant Wahl

Excuse Me for Asking

By Rick Reilly


As Catch Can

By Chris Ballard

Leading Off

Tennis, Italian Style Gianni Clerici and Rino Tommasi, Italy's bawdy TV duo, make John McEnroe look like limp linguini

By L. Jon Wertheim Edited by Richard O'Brien and Richard Deitsch

Tell All, Again Thanks to the author's children, a classic look at baseball's front-office follies has gotten new life

By Stuart Miller Edited by Richard O'Brien and Richard Deitsch



By Mark Bechtel; Bill Syken; Brian Cazeneuve; Mark Beech; Martin Bell Edited by Richard O'Brien and Richard Deitsch

Q+A Samuel L. Jackson

By Richard Deitsch; Samuel L. Jackson

Sports Beat

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Richard Deitsch

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Richard Deitsch