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Q+A Samuel L. Jackson

An avid golfer (with a six handicap) and a rabid sports fan,
Samuel L. Jackson will host "The ESPY Awards" on July 10.

SI: You were at the Tyson-Lewis fight, correct?

Jackson: Yes, I was at the Tyson-Lewis beat-down.

SI: As a Jedi Master, do you think Tyson has been overtaken by
the Dark Side?

Jackson: Not that night, he wasn't. He needed some Dark Side. At
least then he would have fought back.

SI: Two years ago you purchased Roseanne's Beverly Hills home.
Did you make sure that Tom Arnold didn't come with the house
before you bought it?

Jackson: [Laughs.] Well, I don't think that was an issue at the

SI: We read that you're a serious golfer. What are the three best
courses you've played?

Jackson: Shadow Creek [Las Vegas], The Royal Birkdale [England]
and Rancho Murieta Country Club [Sacramento County].

SI: Tiger Woods always wears red on Sunday. What do you wear
when you want to shoot a good score?

Jackson: I wear shorts.

SI: You often golf with Sidney Poitier. Does it piss you off that
there are still some country clubs that would not let you two
play based on race?

Jackson: Well, sure. But there are a lot of clubs in this country
that would ignore that just because of our celebrity. I've
actually played at clubs where I was the first black person to

SI: You've had a chance to golf with Tiger at some pro-ams.
What's the best piece of golfing advice he has given you?

Jackson: Stay out of the bunkers at St. Andrews.

SI: What's the better bet: Your Star Wars character, Mace Windu,
surviving the next film or Phil Mickelson finally winning a

Jackson: Probably Phil Mickelson winning a major because I think
I'm guaranteed to die in the next film.

SI: Which celebrity superfan knows more about basketball, you or
Spike Lee?

Jackson: Spike knows more about New York hoops, but I know more
about hoops in general.

SI: Finally, did you waive your $8 million-per-movie fee to host
the ESPYs?

Jackson: Yes, I did.

--Richard Deitsch