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Casting Their Shadow

More than two decades after they first donned the burnt orange
of Carver High, Warren Coolidge and Morris Thorpe still run the
fast break daily on ESPN Classic. Such is the enduring appeal of
The White Shadow, which originally aired on CBS from November
1978 through August '81 and starred Ken Howard as a former pro
basketball player who winds up in Los Angeles coaching an
inner-city school team. Carver's finest have long since
graduated into adulthood. Here's the latest on the squad.

ERIC KILPATRICK as Curtis Jackson Kilpatrick, 46, divides his
time between St. Louis and Los Angeles, teaching acting in both
cities. He is divorced and has one child.

IRA ANGUSTAIN as Rickey Gomez Angustain, 43, left acting in the
late 1980s and is now a vice president of sales for a
California-based maintenance company. He lives with his wife in
Mission Viejo and writes screenplays in his downtime.

BYRON STEWART as Warren Coolidge Carver's best player, now 46,
works as an account manager for Worldwide Security, a nationwide
security firm, but still reads for acting parts regularly. He is
divorced with four children and lives in Culver City, Calif.

KEVIN HOOKS as Morris Thorpe Hooks, 43, a Hollywood director and
producer whose directing credits include Passenger 57 and
Strictly Business, recently finished filming a remake of the
1972 movie Sounder, in which he starred when he was a teenager.
He lives outside L.A. with his wife and three children.

KEN MICHELMAN as Abner Goldstein Michelman, 45, has acted since
he was 15 and appeared in several films, including Vegas
Vacation. Single and living in Van Nuys, Calif., he recently
wrapped up a car commercial and a public-service announcement.

THOMAS CARTER II as James Hayward A well-known television and
film director (Save The Last Dance) who specializes in directing
pilots (including those for Miami Vice and St. Elsewhere),
Carter is the executive producer for the CBS drama Hack, which
will debut in 2003. The 48-year-old is single and lives in Los

TIMOTHY VAN PATTEN as Mario (Salami) Pettrino Van Patten, 43,
lives in New York City with his wife and two children and is one
of the directors for the HBO series The Sopranos. "Do people
still call me Salami?" he asks. "I live in New York, so do I
even have to answer that question?"

NATHAN COOK as Milton Reese Cook died in June 1988 at age 38
from natural causes. In addition to his White Shadow role, the
actor was a regular on the 1980s ABC drama Hotel. He is survived
by two children.

KEN HOWARD as coach Ken Reeves In addition to costarring in the
NBC drama Crossing Jordan, Howard, 58, has recently finished a
manuscript for a how-to book called Act Natural, which is based
on the public-speaking courses he taught at Harvard and is
tentatively scheduled for release next spring. Howard lives in
Malibu, Calif., with his wife of 10 years, stuntwoman Linda