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Super Killer British Open Quiz Think you know everything there is to know about the British Open and Scotland? You're bloody daft, but give our 29-question brainteaser a try



1. Who were Greg Norman's playing partners, believe it or
not, in the opening rounds of the 1990 Open?

a. Robert Gamez and Bob Tway
b. Moe Norman and Norman von Nida
c. David Frost and Larry Mize
d. Larry Fine and Moe Howard

2. Where did Ian Baker-Finch, in the process of missing the
cut in his 31st straight tournament, hit his tee shot at 18
in the first round of the 1996 Open?

a. Into the Bollinger champagne tent
b. Into the Ladbrokes betting parlor
c. Into the starter's shack
d. Into the Firth of Forth

3. What did Richard Boxall do on the 9th tee during the third
round of the 1991 Open?

a. Hit four balls out-of-bounds
b. Have Prince Charles autograph his bag
c. Break a leg
d. Juggle kittens

4. What 23-year-old unknown led after three rounds of the
1984 Open, only to shoot a 79 on Sunday? (Hint: He next made
it into the Open's final Sunday pairing in 1990, but he went
largely unnoticed during Nick Faldo's runaway win.)

a. Nick Price
b. Bobby Clampett
c. George Plimpton
d. Ian Baker-Finch

5. What did Corey Pavin say at the 1996 Open after playing
with Gary Player and Ian Woosnam?

a. "It's been a long while since I was the tallest golfer in a
b. "Welcome to the jockeys' club."
c. "We made short work of the course."
d. "Tell Randy Newman we enjoyed the pairing."

6. How did British TV announcer Henry Longhurst call winner Lee
Trevino's crucial chip-in for par on the 71st hole in 1972?

a. "Hippity-skippity, bibbity-bobbety boo!"
b. "We have seen the shot that has won the Open."
c. "Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that God is, indeed, a
d. "Hello? Is this thing on? Hello?"

7. After Jack Nicklaus won the Masters and the U.S. Open in
1972, what did The Scotsman newspaper dub that year's next
major, at Muirfield?

a. Fat Jack Open
b. Big Jack Open
c. Grand Slam Open
d. Shearson Lehman Hutton Andy Williams Open

8. On what U.S. TV show did Trevino first appear after his 1972

a. The Merv Griffin Show
b. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
c. The Ed Sullivan Show
d. The Beverly Hillbillies

9. On the same day that Faldo won the 1990 Open, who won a
Hogan tour event in Buffalo when his drive in the playoff
caromed off a tree into the fairway, from where he made

a. David Toms
b. Colin Montgomerie
c. John Daly
d. Jeff Maggert

10. Which historic event occurred in the same year as the
inaugural British Open?

a. Bobby Jones was born (1902)
b. Abraham Lincoln was elected president (1860)
c. Lincoln was assassinated (1865)
d. James Garfield was assassinated (1881)

11. Who was the last player to shoot a 63 in the Open?

a. Greg Norman
b. Maurice Bembridge
c. Tiger Woods
d. Payne Stewart

12. What has Jack Nicklaus done seven times in the Open?

a. Finished first
b. Finished second
c. Led after the first round
d. Said this was absolutely, positively his final Open

13. A month after winning the Open, who named his daughter
Britney in honor of the occasion?

a. Jack Spears
b. Greg Norman
c. Mark Calcavecchia
d. John Daly

14. Four of Tom Watson's five Open wins occurred in Scotland. On
which English course did he win?

a. Royal Lytham
b. Royal Birkdale
c. TPC at Buckingham Palace
d. Wentworth

15. Which player has won the most Opens?

a. Tom Watson
b. Harry Vardon
c. Jack Nicklaus
d. Peter Thomson

16. Which course has never hosted the Open?

a. Gleneagles
b. Royal Portrush
c. Royal Cinque Ports
d. Musselburgh

17. What did J.H. Taylor do in the 1900 Open that no one has
done since in a major?

a. Made a hole in one in every round
b. Shot the lowest score in every round
c. Birdied the 1st hole in every round
d. Played canasta with the queen of England on the eve of the

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY FRED VUICH/GOLF MAGAZINE [INSIDE T of C] LINKS TO THE PAST The first British Open at Muirfield, in 1892, was also the first played over 72 holes, up from 36 previously. Next week Muirfield (the 3rd hole is pictured) will host its 15th Open



COLOR PHOTO: TONY TRIOLO (TREVINO) Lee Trevino (with caddie), 1972


Name these past and present British Open venues.

1. Founded a decade before the U.S. Civil War, this links last
hosted the Open in 1925 and has a blind par-3 hole. Lawson
Little of the U.S. won the British Amateur here in 1934, taking
the 36-hole final 14 and 13.

2. Converted into an airfield during World War II, this course
has holes named Blaw Wearie, Fin' Me Oot, Goat Fell and Tappie
Toorie. Only three Opens have been held here, but one was won by
Tom Watson.

3. Jim Murray wrote of this chilly site: "I'd love to come here
in the summer sometime." This venerable track has seven double
greens and bunkers named The Beardies and Principal's Nose.

4. Jack Nicklaus once made a 10 on the 11th hole here, and Gene
Sarazen was a senior citizen when he aced the 8th, the Postage

5. No European has won an Open on this links; only Americans and
Australians have. After the '98 Open here, Tiger Woods asked the
winner, "Why do you keep doing this to me?"

6. In seven tries, Tom Watson never parred this course's 16th
hole, a par-3. The 54-hole leader at the last Open here said, "My
knees are going to touch each other on the 1st tee tomorrow, but
I'll enjoy it." He definitely didn't enjoy the 72nd hole.

Match the player with the blunder that ruined his chances of


1. Jesper Parnevik, 1994
2. Doug Sanders, 1970
3. Jean Van de Velde, 1999
4. John Cook, 1992
5. Hale Irwin, 1983
6. Ian Woosnam, 2001


a. I missed a two-footer for birdie on the 71st hole, then
bogeyed the 72nd to lose by a shot.
b. I drew a two-stroke penalty for carrying 15 clubs on Sunday
and wound up tied for third.
c. After missing a birdie putt on 14, I whiffed the hasty tap-in
attempt and missed a playoff by a shot.
d. I blew a three-footer for the win at the 72nd hole, then lost
a playoff the next day.
e. I only needed to make a 6 on the last hole to win but
wound up scrambling for a 7 and losing a playoff.
f. On Sunday I failed to check the scoreboard at 18, and
thinking I needed a birdie, I played too aggressively and
made a bogey, finishing a shot out of first.


17 Questions: 1. a; 2. a; 3. c; 4. d; 5. a; 6. b; 7. c; 8. b; 9.
d; 10. b; 11. d; 12. b; 13. c; 14. b; 15. b; 16. a; 17. b.

Missing Links: 1. Prestwick; 2. Turnberry; 3. St. Andrews; 4.
Royal Troon; 5. Royal Birkdale; 6. Carnoustie

Train Wreck: 1. f; 2. d; 3. e; 4. a; 5. c; 6. b.

If You Guessed Correctly on ...

23 to 29 Laddie, you really do know everything there is to
know about the British Open
15 to 22 The claret jug is in your future
7 to 14 Try a wee bit harder
0 to 6 NASCAR fan