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Q+A Hank Aaron Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Jim Gray caught up with home run king and Braves senior V.P. Hank Aaron, 68, and asked him about the state of the game.

Gray: What do you make of the allegations of steroid use in

Aaron: When I see players adding a lot of weight and all of a
sudden they are much stronger, I get concerned.

Gray: What do you think about the fact that McGwire used
androstenedione and a couple of weeks ago Bonds said he was
taking creatine?

Aaron: I don't know what they do with it. I can't even pronounce
either of them. To me, using that stuff is like putting cork in
the bats. I just don't like it, and I don't endorse it.

Gray: Would you favor drug testing in baseball?

Aaron: Very much so. I think anybody who would not be for it
would have something to hide.

Gray: Do you think that there will be a strike?

Aaron: Yes, and it will be devastating to baseball.

Gray: What message would a strike send to the fans?

Aaron: That we don't give a damn about you. That we only think
about ourselves.

Gray: Do the players need to make concessions?

Aaron: Yes, and I think Don [Fehr] and the union know they have
to give somewhere.

Gray: But every day the owners and the commissioner have a
different story.

Aaron: The owners got themselves in this predicament. They didn't
have to pay all those sums of money for salaries. The owners
should not hide anything. Open up the books.

Gray: What was the most you earned in a season?

Aaron: $215,000, I think.

Gray: What would you be worth today?

Aaron: If I were with the Braves, I would just shake hands with
Ted Turner and call him partner [laughs]. A lot of guys are
making more than the owners these days.

Gray: Finally, Hank, on the record so there will be no
controversy: Do you want to be frozen?

Aaron: [laughs] Certainly not. I don't want to be frozen. No. No.
Uh-uh. Once I'm gone, I want to be buried. But I'm not ready yet.