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Q+A Dusty Rhodes

The legendary pro wrestler (a.k.a. the American Dream) is now 53
and co-hosting Turner South's Hey, the Braves Are Next, the
pregame show for Atlanta Braves baseball.

SI: What makes you different from every other baseball announcer?

Rhodes: I don't pull any punches. If I like to go deer hunting or
I don't want to ride the number 7 train in New York City, I tell
it like it is. The common man wants to know what the hell a
player eats, does he date and does he take Viagra.

SI: Your website lists you at 6'3" and 289-plus pounds. How many
pluses are we talking about?

Rhodes: We're talking about 312 pounds. And I'm down to 6'1".

SI: Jesse Ventura pulled it off in Minnesota. What about Dusty
Rhodes as the governor of Georgia?

Rhodes: If you were in my truck in Georgia and we went anywhere,
you would think Elvis had gotten out. But I don't know if those
people can vote.

SI: How would John Rocker have done in the old National Wrestling

Rhodes: Rocker would have been one of the Four Horseman with Arn
Anderson, Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard. As the storyline went
on, he would have become a good guy and become my partner.

SI: Who's the one guy in baseball who you'd love to take a crack
at in the wrestling ring?

Rhodes: I'm not a Barry Bonds fan, so it would be Bonds. And I
like Mike Piazza, but there's something about his face that
drives me crazy.

SI: Should baseball ban steroids?

Rhodes: I stood across the ring from Superstar Billy Graham, and
I looked at this unbelievable body that this great man had. To
know that steroids nearly killed him, man, I think they should

SI: What kind of hitter would Andre the Giant have made?

Rhodes: Andre would have been scary, but I don't know how quick
his wrists were. Can you imagine Randy Johnson peering in on
Andre the Giant? Wow.

SI: Is Chipper really a good name for a man?

Rhodes: I knew a hooker one time in Kansas City who was named
Chipper. But what I want to know is, why isn't Chipper Jones
playing third base? What the hell are they thinking? And why
isn't he throwing the ball across to Ryan Klesko? --R.D.