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Indoor Adventure Bumming that Summer X is over? No need. You can stage your own extreme sports blowout, without leaving the comfort of your couch, with these new video game releases

MX Superfly (THQ, available for PS2; for Xbox in November.) Like
whiz kid Ricky Carmichael's last game, MX 2002, Superfly features
fine freestyle and racing events. In the search for new twists,
the makers have come up with a collection of random "minigames."
In one, a strange variation of polo, you try to knock a ball into
a goal with the bike. The drawbacks: graphics so dark that they
look like homages to Tim Burton, and a soundtrack that ignores
the original Superfly, Curtis Mayfield, in favor of the likes of

Aggressive Inline (Acclaim, available for PS2 and Xbox.) In a
word: Hoobastanktacular. (These dudes are everywhere.) It has
something for everyone: countless tricks, 10 actual pros for
die-hard fans and Chrissy (think Britney in a schoolgirl costume)
for everyone else. The graphics and action are terrific, and the
game has a great tutorial section. If you get to level 4 you can
skitch a ride on a roller coaster. The instructions suggest that
you "bring a barf bag!" Hurling has never been so much fun.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 (Activision, available for PS2 and Xbox.)
Like Superfly, Hoffman's latest offers the old standbys (great
graphics and tricks), but while the minigames in Carmichael's
game are a bit gratuitous, in Hoffman's they are central. Riders
hit the road and in each city are charged with tasks as gnarly as
protecting a pier from a giant squid. You can also build your own
BMX park and record your best moves in a photo scrapbook, making
this the best BMX game out there.

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (Activision, available mid-September on
PS2 and XBox.) It's a great surfing game. The problem with
surfing games is that they feel less interactive than other
games. In a biking or skating game you're looking over the
rider's shoulder as if you're part of the action. (Play Pro BMX 2
long enough and you'll get vertigo.) Here you're off to the side.
Still, the graphics are sick, the action smooth, and Activision
has developed technology ensuring you won't surf the same wave