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First Down and 10 Across

What you have here is a very easy crossword puzzle, with more
black squares than Gordie Howe's smile. A semicomatose chimp
could do this puzzle. Maybe even Jerry Glanville. All the
answers-punch lines refer to the. (Answers on page 12.)


1. Bottom line on Patriots QB Brady's paltry paycheck (2 words)
4. This should be smeared on Biletnikoff's Hall of Fame display
8. Arrington most fans want to see out of uniform
9. Skins owner or Lambeau treat
12. In his words, Niner Owens's favorite WR
13. She gave us most shocking NFL finish
14. Word Madden made millions on
15. Place linebackers like to shoot and shop
16. What Vikings gather when Randy loafs
18. Essential to Ricky Williams's success
20. Opponent Ravens might beat this year
21. Team Morten Andersen, 42, joins soon
24. You on Sundays, or Cleveland QB and what he likes with steak
(2 words)
27. Will lose in Houston more than Enron
29. Bradshaw's legendary spelling of feline
30. Broncos' Shanahan won't leave home without it
31. What fans most like about a Cowboys cheerleader
35. Skins coach Spurrier to former Florida players
36. Where Colts RB James keeps his gold
38. German word for boring offense
39. Human GNC store has never missed a game because of injury
40. With this season's Cowboys line, how Emmitt Smith will arrive
in Canton (abbr.)
41. What MLB does better than NFL


1. Good thing to take at Carolina tilts
2. Games Bears will win at Soldier Field in '02
3. What Dolphins fans holler after Jewish QB Fiedler fumbles
5. Ran for 11,236 yards and Mexican border
6. He still hasn't unclogged Cardinals' plugged-up O
7. Subject of hard-hitting ESPN documentary
10. Rams will hitch ride on Warner's ____
11. To own an NFL team, it's essential that you be this
12. Where the college team might whip the pro team
15. Al Davis's hair or another way to spell name of Broncos QB
17. What they called homecoming queen at Kordell Stewart's high
19. A good thing to be when asked to go over the middle against
Ray Lewis
22. You can see it in the faces of owners Jones and Frontiere
23. Where Flutie wishes he were
25. Essential to many NFL players' wardrobe?
26. The TD that Broncos fans will really miss
28. Defensive scheme Atlanta plays
29. How QBs who play the Titans feel
32. The way Giants sacker Strahan pronounces Packers QB's name
33. Place NFL players keep in touch
34. What Elway and Mantle had in common
37. More drops lately than Az Hakim