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Q+A Jon Bon Jovi

The 40-year-old, New Jersey-born rocker whose band headlines the
"NFL Kickoff Live from Times Square" concert this week talks
about his beloved Giants--and his passion for football

SI: Last week the Giants named a running play Blue 21 Bounce in
honor of your new album, Bounce. What would happen if they ever
used the play in a game?

Bon Jovi: Well, of course, they would score a touchdown. And then
Tiki Barber would go into the end zone and sing a song. That's
part of the play.

SI: At a recent Giants practice, you ran the play yourself and
fumbled. If you were Giants coach Jim Fassel, would you cut Jon
Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi: I would have me doing laps for fumbling on a big play
like that in front of the nation's media.

SI: Who is the best athlete in music today?

Bon Jovi: Leaving myself out of the mix, of course, Anthony
Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers keeps himself in really good
shape, and P. Diddy's a pretty good beach football player,
believe it or not.

SI: True or false: One of the guitars you use has a sticker on it
that professes hatred for the Dallas Cowboys?

Bon Jovi: True. The sticker says I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS. Who
named them America's Team? We didn't have a vote on it.

SI: What's the best sporting event you've witnessed in person?

Bon Jovi: The Giants win over the Bills in Super Bowl XXV in
Tampa. Being on the bench with the team when [Scott] Norwood
missed the kick, it doesn't get any better than that.

SI: How come a Jersey guy like you can't get a cameo on The

Bon Jovi: Too famous, unfortunately. Believe me, I would have
traded nine Ally McBeal episodes for one Sopranos.

SI: Bon Jovi played at the closing ceremonies of the Salt Lake
City Games. Can you personally assure our readers that the band
did not bribe any figure skating judges?

Bon Jovi: I tried to bribe a couple of figure skaters, though.

SI: Finally, wouldn't you give up all the fame and all the money
just to be a writer for this magazine?

Bon Jovi: [Ten seconds of laughter.] No. --R.D.

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