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King's Corner


Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber

SI: Favorite nonfootball website?

Barber: My browser opens up to I'm all about the day's

SI: Knowledge gleaned from the Web today?

Barber: The winning lottery numbers in New York [on 9/11] were

SI: Favorite story about being mistaken for your twin brother,

Barber: Two years ago, the night before a Giants playoff game, I
was out burning the midnight oil in New York. I was getting some
interesting reactions from people who thought I was playing the
next day.

SI: Last movie seen?

Barber: XXX. Very entertaining. Like James Bond on steroids.

SI: Last book read?

Barber: Zorba the Greek. Sort of a life-affirming novel.

SI: Favorite TV show?

Barber: The Sopranos.

SI: Favorite Jon Grudenism?

Barber: "Guys, I need some genuine enthusiasm! If you don't got
it, fake it!"

SI: Rule you would change if you were Paul Tagliabue for a day?

Barber: I'd take out the rules that make aggressive play illegal,
like the defenseless receiver call. It's football, not
basketball. There are supposed to be violent collisions.
Receivers are supposed to be scared of hitters like John Lynch.

Dolphins versus the Curse of the Jets

Some things make no sense. Miami has a better overall record
than New York over the past four years, but the Jets have the
Dolphins' number, winning eight straight in the series. In 2000
Miami blew a 23-point second-half lead; last season New York
returned two tipped interceptions for touchdowns. Miami is
favored on Sunday, but that doesn't mean much: The Jets have
been the underdogs in six of those eight meetings.

Variations on a given name among seven current NFL players

1. Antoine (Winfield, Bills cornerback)
2. Anton (Palepoi, Seahawks defensive end)
3. Antowain (Smith, Patriots running back)
4. Antuan (Edwards, Packers cornerback)
5. Antwaan (Randle El, Steelers wideout)
6. Antwan (Lake, Lions defensive end)
7. Antwoine (Womack, Patriots running back)


1. Rams wide receiver Eric Crouch, the Heisman Trophy-winning
quarterback and rookie third-round draft selection, retired last
week for one simple reason: He didn't like football anymore.
"Amazing," said one team insider. "He was playing with Kurt
Warner, Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce, and he never smiled."

2. The coach doing the most with the least amount of talent is
the Cardinals' Dave McGinnis. --Peter King

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