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Randy Remarks

I'm so glad that Randy Moss (How Good Can Randy Moss Be?, Sept.
2) explained to us that we have the wrong idea of him. I was
particularly touched by the fact that his NFL heroes are Walter
Payton, Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice. The parallels, in
retrospect, are obvious. I have vivid memories of all the fines
Walter Payton accumulated for taunting opponents, all the plays
on which Jerry Rice gave less than a full effort and all the
times that Barry Sanders sulked on the field because the Lions
were hopelessly behind in a game.
James Skrydlak Mountain View, Calif.

The Vikings are an example of what not to do in pro football. It
seems unbelievable that the new coaches have decided to focus
more of the offense on Moss, a guy who shot off his mouth,
played dead when he was not the primary receiver and yet claims
to love football. A true superstar wants to win and performs
that way every play, even when he doesn't get the ball. Someone
in Minnesota needs to step up and be that man.
Marjorie Oberg, Proctor, Vt.

Mr. Moss says he'll play when he wants to play. Fair enough. I'll
watch when I want to watch. That ought to make my wife happier.
Gary Dible, Bowling Green, Ohio

Easy Pickings?

Every year I look forward to Dr. Z's bold picks (SCOUTING
REPORTS, Sept. 2). But the Eagles, Packers, Bucs, Rams, Pats,
Steelers, Titans and Raiders winning their respective divisions?
Dr. Z must be the kind of doctor who still wears a reflector on
his forehead and taps knees with a hammer.
Kevin Dunleavy, Fairfax, Va.

Child's Play

I felt it was a shame you would spend almost an entire article on
the politics of the Little League and Cal Ripken Baseball instead
of giving ample coverage to the world series of both leagues (The
Kids Are All Right, Sept. 2). It was more entertaining to watch
kids play for the love of the game.
Jeff P. Carter, Bowling Green, Ky.

Virtual Tennis

Thank you for the informative article on Simonya Popova (Who's
That Girl?, Sept. 2). I bought the details about her life hook,
line and sinker, then flipped over the last line. It is true that
women's tennis markets sex appeal, and that will remain true for
all women's sports because it is an easy way to garner attention.
It is also true that women's tennis will not be saved by one
person or thing but by a multitude of changes. Congratulations on
the best article I have ever read in your magazine.
Tom Houseman, Montclair, N.J.

Let's see, SI writes an article about a fictitious tennis player
named Simonya Popova at the same time New Line Cinema, another
AOL Time Warner company, has a movie out called S1m0ne about a
fictitious actress. If this is "corporate synergy," we're all on
the Road to Perdition. Oops, sorry, that's a DreamWorks SKG film.
Tim Lowell, Boothwyn, Pa.

As a busy mother of six, I am incensed that my 15 minutes of
peace today were wasted on fatuous fiction by L. Jon Wertheim.
Rachel Grimes, Talking Rock, Ga.

I suppose some time around April 1, 2003, the following item will
appear in your Scorecard section: Engaged, tennis great Simonya
Popova and former New York Mets minor league phenom Sidd Finch.
I'm guessing Popova will give up her tennis career to help Sidd
herd goats in the Himalayan mountains.
Marty Stewart, Plum, Pa.

New York State of Mind

I am a Saratoga Springs native and cover horse racing for the
local newspaper, The Saratogian. Steve Rushin (AIR AND SPACE,
Sept. 2) really captured what the Saratoga meeting is like for
everyone who is a part of it--the fans, workers, journalists and
horse people. When he writes, "There really is no place on Earth
I'd rather be," he echoes our sentiment. It's a magical six weeks
in a wondrous city.
Eric DeGrechie, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

I've spent countless hours at backyard barbecues trying to
explain the joys of attending the Travers Stakes at Saratoga.
From this point on I will simply distribute copies of Steve
Rushin's 'Toga Party.
Scott Gawlicki, West Hartford, Conn.

Handled with Care

I disagree with David R. Wilkes concerning the so-called
pampering of student-athletes (LETTERS, Sept. 2). As a Division
I college athlete in a nonrevenue sport, I believe athletes
deserve what universities provide. I go to class 15 hours a
week, practice 20 hours a week, study and lend my name to the
university. Putting in that kind of time and work doesn't bother
us at all, but considering the money the universities make off
us, we're justified in asking that the university provide us
with the best facilities possible.
Christopher Torres, El Paso

Michigan State's new football facilities feature therapy pools,
but I would like to add that the newly renovated Shaw Residence
Hall at MSU features hot tubs in the bathrooms. And no, Shaw Hall
is not where the football team resides. While I understand the
criticism, I think the university's equal treatment should be
Adam Glatz, East Lansing, Mich.