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Super Killer Ryder Cup Quiz Think you know everything about the Ryder Cup? Try our 32-question brainteaser


1. When things looked bleak for the U.S. at the 1999 Ryder Cup,
American captain Ben Crenshaw said, "We need some mojo" and
hugged whom for luck?

a. Mike Meyers
b. George W. Bush
c. Bill Murray
d. Ted Williams

2. Ryder Cup founder Samuel Ryder made his fortune selling what

a. Hashish
b. Seeds
c. Textbooks
d. Rental trucks

3. What was the name of the ship that carried the British team to
the U.S. to play in the first Ryder Cup, in 1927?

a. Queen Mary
b. Queen Elizabeth
c. Aquitania
d. Poseidon

4. In 1975 Jack Nicklaus lost two singles matches to Brian Barnes
on the same day. What did Nicklaus say to Barnes before the
second match?

a. Nothing. Nicklaus refused to speak to Barnes.
b. "Do you inhale or exhale on your backswing?"
c. "Your luck has run out."
d. "You've beaten me once, but there ain't no way you're going to
beat me again."

5. Why did Tom Weiskopf, who had made the 1971 U.S. team, skip
that year's match?

a. His membership application to the PGA of America hadn't been
forwarded to national headquarters, an oversight that also cost
him the Vardon Trophy that year.
b. He went elk hunting.
c. He defended his title at the B.C. Open.
d. He attended the Ohio State-Michigan football game.

6. Gary Evans of England, who made a dramatic late run at this
year's British Open, played the Belfry on Sept. 28, 2001, the day
the postponed match had been scheduled to begin. What did he say
after the round?

a. "This is probably the closest I'll ever get to playing in the
Ryder Cup."
b. "It was quite nice. There weren't any Americans running across
the greens."
c. "I tried to bet on my match, but the boys at Ladbroke's would
have none of it."
d. "What cowards. The match should've been played as scheduled."

7. In 1979 U.S. captain Billy Casper mistakenly designated which
superstar to sit out the singles?

a. Jack Nicklaus
b. Tom Watson
c. Lee Trevino
d. Johnny Miller

8. In 1987 which U.S. player broke his putter in anger early in
his singles match, then lost the match putting with either a
wedge or a one-iron?

a. Ben Crenshaw
b. Hal Sutton
c. Craig Stadler
d. Raymond Floyd

9. In 1967 Arnold Palmer questioned U.S. captain Ben Hogan's
decision to play with the smaller British ball by saying that he
didn't have any of the British balls. What was Hogan's reply?

a. "Ask Snead. He always takes a few extra."
b. "Who said you're playing, Palmer?"
c. "No wonder you can't beat the fat kid."
d. "How the hell did you ever get on a box of Wheaties?"

10. In 1997, what did former President George Bush wear to the
opening ceremonies?

a. A USA Olympic windbreaker
b. A Pine Valley blazer
c. A houndstooth hat
d. A shirt with no collar

11. Which rock star played table tennis with U.S. Ryder Cuppers
before the 1999 match?

a. Ozzy Osbourne
b. Darius Rucker
c. Ringo Starr
d. Steven Tyler

Answer true or false

1. No U.S. course has held more than one Ryder Cup.

2. John Daly is the only PGA champion never to make the U.S.

3. The Ryder Cup has never been played in Scotland.

4. Though he could barely walk, Ben Hogan captained the 1949
U.S. team seven months after his near-fatal car crash.

5. Walter Hagen captained the U.S. team more often than Roger
Clemens has won the Cy Young Award.

6. In 1935 Charles, Ernest and Reg Whitcombe of Great Britain
became the only threesome of brothers to play in a Ryder Cup.

7. Sergio Garcia, who was 19 in 1999, is the youngest Ryder
Cupper ever.

8. Philip Walton, who scored the point that clinched Europe's
1995 victory, is the nephew of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.

9. Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal, the winningest Ryder
Cup duo in history, have more victories as a team than Tiger
Woods has wins in major championships.

10. When the U.S. team shipped its own beef to the 1949 match
in England, the wives of British players refused to eat it at a
prematch banquet.

Answers on page G16

Match the adversaries with the cause of their feud

1. Tom Watson vs. Sam Torrance
2. Seve Ballesteros vs. Paul Azinger
3. Seve Ballesteros vs. Miguel Angel Martin
4. Mark O'Meara vs. Jim Awtrey
5. Ben Hogan vs. Henry Cotton
6. Maurice Bembridge vs. Ken Still


a. After saying pros should be paid to play in Ryder Cup, given
demeaning third-from-last tee time at PGA

b. Asked by Brit to move from line of sight, U.S. player
theatrically moved everyone on tee box

c. U.S. pro refused to autograph Euro's menu at pre-Cup banquet

d. Had injured team member dropped from squad to make room for
Jose Maria Olazabal

e. U.S. captain, in retaliatory move against previous British
captain, demanded inspection of clubs used by Brits, which were
found to have illegal grooves

f. Charged U.S. pro with illegally switching balls in foursomes


1. The 1933 Ryder Cup, in Southport, England, was on the line
when Syd Easterbrook of Great Britain and I, the last men on the
course, reached the 18th green all square. Going for the win, I
gunned my birdie putt a couple of feet past the hole, then missed
the comebacker to lose the Cup.

2. In my only Ryder Cup, in 1993 at the Belfry, I was 3 up on the
U.S.'s Chip Beck with five holes to play when I lost 14, 15 and
16. At 18 I drove into a bunker but foolishly tried to reach the
green anyway and hit into the water, losing the hole and the

3. Ours was the next to last match on the course in 1953 in
Wentworth, England, and if I could have two-putted from 20 feet I
would've beaten American Dave Douglas and gained a tie for my
British team. Instead, I three-whacked.

4. There was so much choking going on at the Belfry on Sunday in
1989 that my flop against Lanny Wadkins almost went unnoticed.
We were even going to 18, and if I could've gotten a halve, we
probably would've won the Cup outright. Instead, I pumped my
drive into the water and lost the hole, setting up the second
tie in Ryder Cup history.

5. While my teammates were taking gas in singles in 1999, I was
4 up with seven to play against an American who was playing so
poorly that NBC's Johnny Miller said he should've stayed home.
Suddenly, though, I'm riding the bogey train, and before long
our match is even. Then on 17 my opponent drains a long putt,
and American Bandstand breaks out on the green--before I had a
chance to putt!


11 Questions: 1.b; 2.b; 3.c; 4.d; 5.a; 6.a; 7.c; 8.a; 9.b; 10.b;

Fact or Fib?: 1. True; 2. False; 3. False (Muirfield, 1973); 4.
True; 5. False (both with six); 6. True; 7. True; 8. False; 9.
True (Seve-Ollie 11, Tiger eight); 10. True (but their husbands
did eat the U.S. beef).

Feud Chains: 1.c; 2.f; 3.d; 4.a; 5.e; 6.b.

Name That Goat: 1. Denny Shute; 2. Barry Lane; 3. Bernard Hunt;
4. Nick Faldo; 5. Jose Maria Olazabal.

If You Guessed Correctly on...

25 to 32 Hogan would be proud
17 to 24 Tiger would be impressed
9 to 16 Monty would be annoyed
0 to 8 Lefty would play you for money

COLOR PHOTO: HEINZ KLUETMEIER (EVANS) Gary Evans This year's British Open hero had his own brush with glory at the Belfry.

B/W PHOTO: AP (HAGEN) Walter Hagen


COLOR PHOTO: AL TIELEMANS (MILLER) Johnny Miller He trashed a struggling U.S. pro in '99.

COLOR PHOTO: MARCY NIGHSWANDER/AP (BUSH) George Bush He rooted for the U.S. at Valderrama.