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Vikings special teams player Harold Morrow

SI: Your screen name?

Morrow: Bighitguru.

SI: Favorite nonfootball website?

Morrow: I'm an avid fisherman.

SI: You planned your house and bought the land on the net. How?

Morrow: I always wanted a Spanish-style Mediterranean house, so I
did a search for those words and hundreds of sites came up. I
picked one that let me customize a house. I printed preliminary
plans and took them to my architect. I found the land, 1.5 acres
in Fort Lauderdale, the same way.

SI: What else have you bought online?

Morrow: I purchased tons of fishing gear online for an
unbelievable price. I located and purchased both of my boats on
the net. I planned my wedding and honeymoon on the net.

SI: Favorite Randy Moss story?

Morrow: In Randy's rookie year we thought he was just this guy
who liked to talk. A bunch of other guys and I laughed at him and
said, "Hey kid, you're in the NFL, which if you're not watching
your ass means Not For Long." We asked him how many touchdowns he
thought he'd have as a rookie. He said, "What's the rookie
[receiving] record?" We said 16. He said he'd get 17. Needless to
say, he had 17.

SI: Best thing you ever did with your NFL money?

Morrow: Built my mom a house in Alabama. Bought my dad his
favorite car, a Lincoln Town Car.

SI: You have one day to live. How do you spend it?

Morrow: In Australia, chasing the gigantic black marlin.

Chargers quarterback Drew Brees versus the Patriots' defense

Last year 27-year coaching vet Norv Turner, then San Diego's
offensive coordinator, called Brees "the smartest quarterback
I've been around." Brees will need to be sharp this Sunday. The
Patriots often foil a quarterback's presnap reads because they
disguise their schemes so well. Also, they've started playing
three safeties a lot on first down, increasing their coverage


Brett Favre did something on Sunday that no other quarterback has
done, yet the milestone received no attention: He became the
first quarterback to start all of his team's games over a
10-season stretch. Favre replaced injured Don Majkowski in Week 3
of the '92 season, then started the next week. Here are the
longest starting streaks.

1. Brett Favre, Packers 160 games
2. Ron Jaworski, Eagles 116 games
3. Joe Ferguson, Bills 107 games
4. Dan Marino, Dolphins 95 games
5. Roman Gabriel, Rams 89 games


1. The Vikings won't leave Minnesota. Owner Red McCombs has five
bona fide offers to buy the team and keep it in the Twin Cities,
and after a meeting with NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue last
week, the bankers handling the deal for McCombs got this
not-so-subtle message: Don't even think about moving out of

2. Browns defensive end Courtney Brown, the first pick in the
2000 draft, is worried. A close friend of his told me last week
that Brown is certain Cleveland will cut him at season's end for
lack of productivity (nine sacks in two-plus seasons). No way.
What the Browns need to do, though, is let Brown rush off the
edge more to take advantage of his speed. --P.K.

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