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Q+A Jimmy Johnson

Last Sunday former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson, 59,
ended his self-imposed two-season football exile, emerging from
his oceanfront spread in Islamorada, Fla., to rejoin Fox NFL
Sunday after a seven-year absence from the show.

SI: What is your role alongside Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long?

JJ: To try not only to be an analyst but also to tell some of the
experiences from nine years of coaching in the NFL and from two
Super Bowls.

SI: Who is your favorite singer from your hometown of Port
Arthur, Texas: Janis Joplin or the Big Bopper?

JJ: Janis. We went to school together, and I knew her.

SI: You have a yacht named Three Rings. Is there a silver lining
in your not winning a Super Bowl with the Dolphins, because you
could keep the name?

JJ: Nah. If I had won another Super Bowl, I would have just
changed it to Four Rings.

SI: Which running back did more to help you win two Super Bowl
rings: Emmitt Smith or Herschel Walker?

JJ: I've got to go with Emmitt. Herschel Walker gave us some
draft picks, but if you don't pick the right players, those draft
picks aren't worth much.

SI: Who has better hair, you or Howie Long?

JJ: The flattop went out many, many years ago, so I've got to go
with me.

SI: You're partial to tomato clowns, a tropical fish. Have you
ever called a player a tomato clown?

JJ: I've called players tomatoes, but not tomato clowns.

SI: It looks like Jerry Jones has had some work done over the
last few years. Who is the better-looking guy between the two of
you these days?

JJ: [Laughs.] I'll leave that to public opinion.

SI: You had the nickname Scar Head in high school and Jimmy
Jumpup in college. Do you have any nicknames now?

JJ: After winning a couple of Super Bowls, I finally got some
respect, and people started calling me either Coach or Jimmy.

SI: It's been written that you are incapable of saying "I'm
sorry." Are you sorry you agreed to this interview?

JJ: [Laughs.] No, it's actually been pleasant.

--Pete McEntegart

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