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Sprinters Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones share a whole lot:
title (World's Fastest Man/Woman), coach, agent, even
footwear--Montgomery set a then personal best in the 100 meters
last year wearing Jones's shoes. Now they share an address.
Montgomery, who set a world record of 9.78 seconds in the 100 two
weeks ago, and Jones, who won five Olympic medals in 2000,
recently moved into the house that Jones and her former husband,
shot-putter C.J. Hunter, were building near Chapel Hill, N.C. The
couple's relationship began when they started training together
at North Carolina State. "She would give me advice," says
Montgomery. "She became a friend first, and then it became
stronger." Now they become stronger by continuing to work out
together, including doing 1,000 sit-ups a day. "Tim now has
structure in everything he does," said the couple's agent,
Charley Wells. "That's why he's successful. That and a thing
called love."

--For two centuries the world has been clamoring for a tale about
a naked Russian woman and an amorous horse that doesn't involve
Catherine the Great. Well, thanks to WTA star Anastasia Myskina,
we've finally got one. The 21-year-old appears in the October
issue of GQ lying atop a very happy-looking horse named Norman
and wearing nothing but herskina. As GQ's heavy-breathing
editor's letter describes it, Norman was a little too excited
about the Muscovite's climbing aboard; the shoot couldn't
commence until he calmed down. Fellow Eastern European players
Daniela Hantuchova and Elena Dementieva also appear in the
magazine--clothed, but posing suggestively. All this comes just
weeks after the WTA, in the wake of SI's story on fictional
tennis starlet Simonya Popova, insisted that it doesn't need to
traffic in sex to promote the game.

--Speaking of Russian tennis babes, Anna Kournikova's play has
never been described as showstopping, but that doesn't mean she
can't literally stop a show. Last week a concert given by her
boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias, in Ottawa was delayed for nearly an
hour while Kournikova was sneaked into the arena and ushered to
her heavily guarded seat near the sound board on the floor of the
Corel Centre. There the winless wonder sat alone until Iglesias's
encore, when she jumped the barricade and joined the hoi polloi
in some salsa dancing.

--Looks like Pete Sampras's U.S. Open title--not to mention the
postmatch smooch he got from his wife, Bridgette--was in the
stars. In January, SI asked astrologer Susan Miller to make
predictions on some big names in sports. Here's what she said
about Sampras, whose victory at Flushing Meadows was his first of
the year: "Sampras's career is gathering power and heat, and
although the first half of 2002 is unremarkable, by October it
will be obvious Peter has become a virtual steamroller in
competitions. The universe will be raining buckets of luck down
on him in an exceptional cycle that will mark a period of reward,
happiness and growth. Even romance will sizzle." Miller says the
good run won't end there: "The best of the best arrives in June
and July 2003." Guess we know whom to pick in next year's French
Open and Wimbledon.

Vindbjart, a Norwegian soccer team, sold striker Kenneth
Kristensen to division rival Floey for the player's weight in
fresh prawns.


COLOR PHOTO: BAZUKI MUHAMMAD/REUTERS (MILLS) PICTURE THIS Curiously strong, indeed. While touting Altoids--and flexing deltoids--30-year-old Jill Mills of San Antonio toted quite a pair of 65-kilogram (143 1/2 pound) weights during last week's World's Strongest Woman competition in Kuala Lumpur. Mills, who carries 174 pounds on her 5'4" frame, was the defending champion in the event.



Mariners manager, after kicking his cap during an argument with
an umpire: "I'm going to send the picture to Jon Gruden. If he
needs a field goal kicker halfway through the season, I'm ready."