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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BIEVER Trump Cards The Cardinals showed their winning hands after J.D. Drew's eighth-inning, three-run homer sealed a 6-1 victory over Arizona on Sept. 25 in Busch Stadium. The Diamondbacks will have a chance to turn the tables this week, when the teams square off in the first round of the playoffs (page 42).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN Cup with People Reaction from the gallery reached a fevered pitch at the 18th hole of the Belfry as Paul McGinley of Ireland jumped joyfully after sinking the decisive putt for Europe on Sunday in the Ryder Cup (page 38).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BIEVER Post Haste Iowa State students showed how quickly they could reach their goals after the Cyclones beat Nebraska, 36-14, in Ames last Saturday (page 90).