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King's Corner


Panthers guard Kevin Donnalley

SI: How much do players go online at work?

Donnalley: In 1998 everybody on the Dolphins, my team that year,
was day-trading. You couldn't help but make money then. Now no
one even talks about stocks.

SI: What's your perfect block?

Donnalley: When I take the credit cards out of my wife's purse.

SI: Biggest difference between George Seifert and John Fox?

Donnalley: Emotion. Both coaches know how to win. They just go
about it in different ways.

SI: Favorite football movie of all time?

Donnalley: Remember the Titans. I love the life lessons it

SI: What job would you want after football?

Donnalley: I'd like to teach and to coach high school football.

SI: Favorite TV shows?

Donnalley: The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, SportsCenter.

SI: You're the NFL commissioner. What's the first thing you do?

Donnalley: Require all defensive players to wear gags to cut down
on all the smack-talking on the field.

SI: Do you fear dying young from a football-related condition?

Donnalley: No, but I do understand the realities of the career
I've been blessed to have. Hopefully, medicine will have advanced
enough to help me get out of bed when I'm 50.


If you think you're seeing more passing than last year, you're
right. Here's the pass-run ratio for the first five weeks of this
season (through Sunday) and how it ranks against the other
five-week opening stretches with the most passing since 1980.

Year Pass-run ratio

1. 2002 58.3%-41.7%
2. 1994 57.2%-42.8%
1995 57.2%-42.8%
4. 2000 56.7%-43.3%
5. 1997 56.5%-43.5%
6. 1999 56.1%-43.9%

Saints coach Jim Haslett versus Redskins coach Steve Spurrier

After getting the Washington job last winter, Spurrier was asked
about the hours he'd have to work to be an NFL coach. "I saw a
story saying Jim Haze-let comes in at 4:30 every morning," he
replied. "That's not doing him much good." Haslett stewed but
said nothing at the time. Spurrier hosts Haslett this Sunday, and
I'd pay to hear their conversation when they exchange handshakes
on the field.


1. I'd love to see Johnnie Cochran's initiative to pressure the
NFL into hiring more black coaches--using draft picks to reward or
penalize teams for diversity hiring practices--have the desired
effect. The real shame of the NFL is when a team hires a coach
(take the Vikings and Mike Tice) without even any pretense of
equal opportunity.

2. When I see Broncos wideout Ed McCaffery burn the Chargers for
a 69-yard touchdown catch and run, I marvel at his spirit.
McCaffery, who is back after suffering a broken left leg in the
2001 season opener, is someone every coach should point to and
say, "Here's a great example of what you should aspire to
be." --P.K.