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King's Corner

49ers guard Derrick Deese

SI: Biggest computer nerd in your locker room?

Deese: Cade McNown. He's trying to make the Mac iPod compatible
with PCs. Anyone who does that has to be a nerd.

SI: Ever fall asleep in a team meeting?

Deese: It happened in a position meeting once. Bobb McKittrick,
the late line coach, asked a question that woke me up, but I had
the right answer. He asked what defense this team we were about
to face ran in the red zone. I popped up and said, "Twenty-five,"
a 25 defense, and I was right.

SI: Favorite thing about being a pro football player?

Deese: The fact that you can fight without being arrested. We're
paid for violence. You've got to love that.

SI: Three favorite TV shows?

Deese: CSI, The Bernie Mac Show, Inside the NFL on HBO.

SI: War with Iraq--pro or con?

Deese: Pro, if we're going to get Saddam this time. If not, just
leave him alone.

SI: You're the NFL commissioner. What's the first thing you do?

Deese: I'd put the fun back into the game. Let guys celebrate the
way they want.

Buccaneers versus Their Nemesis

The last two years, Tampa Bay's season ended in Philadelphia
with defeats in the wild-card round of the playoffs, and it's
hard to imagine that Jon Gruden will have better luck than his
predecessor, Tony Dungy, did at the Vet. Until Mike Alstott
gashed the Browns for 126 yards on Sunday, the Bucs hadn't been
able to get their running game going. Over the first five games
the Eagles' defense allowed seven touchdowns. It's the same old
story: For Tampa Bay to win, its defense will have to lead the


Even as the Rams wheezed to an 0-5 start, coach Mike Martz was
miffed by suggestions that he wasn't giving Marshall Faulk the
ball enough. Well, on Sunday, St. Louis beat the Raiders 28-13
as--surprise!--Faulk carried 26 times for 158 yards and caught
another four balls for 22 yards. Here's a look at Faulk's touches
through five games in each of his four seasons with the Rams.

Touches per Game
Year Rush Rec. Total
1999 14.4 4.4 18.8
2000 16.2 5.8 22.0
2001 15.8 7.2 23.0
2002 13.2 7.6 20.8


1. In a season of fantastic finishes, no game can top the
Dolphins' 24-22 win over the Broncos. The hard hitting, clutch
plays and pair of last-minute, long-distance field goals made
this one special. I won't soon forget the teeth-rattling shot
that Miami's Ricky Williams took from linebacker Al Wilson and
the way Williams silenced the crowd moments later with his second
touchdown run.

2. There's no better cure for a struggling offense than an
afternoon of throwing against the Chiefs. Kansas City is on pace
to allow an NFL-record 5,037 passing yards and the alltime
highest completion percentage (.695). --P.K.