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Q+A Kevin James

The 37-year-old star of CBS's King of Queens was a multisport
athlete growing up in Stony Brook, N.Y., and at 250-plus pounds
he's what you could call an XXL fan.

SI: You love the Mets, Jets, Islanders and Knicks, just like Doug
Heffernan, your character on the show. Is there any difference
between you and Doug?

KJ: Just that Doug is four pounds heavier. I beef up before every

SI: In the Oct. 7 episode Doug prayed for Jets quarterback Vinnie
Testaverde to throw a game-winning pass. Have you ever prayed for
one of your teams to win?

KJ: I've summoned the Lord many times. I'm still paying God back
for the '86 Mets.

SI: You were a sports-management major at SUNY-Cortland. If you
were running the Mets, whom would you hire as manager?

KJ: I would probably bring in Tony Robbins and start fresh.

SI: As a standout tailback at Long Island's Ward Melville High,
what kind of runner were you?

KJ: I wouldn't go out-of-bounds--unless I was forced out or I
needed Gatorade.

SI: Former pro wrestler Mankind was on your high school wrestling
team. Who won your practice bouts?

KJ: I kicked the crap out of him. But now he's gotten a little
bigger and a little better, so I've got to shut my mouth.

SI: When you worked as a personal trainer, what was your advice
to clients?

KJ: I think I invented the phrase "Don't overdo it."

SI: You're an 18 handicapper. Is it true you beat Tiger Woods at
his celebrity tournament?

KJ: That's right, I took down the Tiger. I don't like to mention
this, but it was just three holes, and Tiger was allowed to use
only three clubs--a driver, a five-iron and a nine-iron. He putted
with his driver. You don't have to write that last part if you
don't want to.

SI: Right after your show started, in 1998, you said your goal
was to be famous enough to take batting practice at Shea. Have

KJ: Yes, a bunch of times. Last year I took one out off [coach]
Mookie Wilson. But now they're throwing away from me. How does it
look if a fat sitcom guy is knocking the ball out? --Pete

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COLOR PHOTO: MIKE FIALA/AP (JAMES) "I took down the Tiger"