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King's Corner

Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams

SI: Your toughest opponent?

Adams: Hugh Douglas of Philadelphia. He's a speed rusher, and
most of those guys go straight upfield. But Hugh is always
jumping all over the place and moving around like a point guard.
You can't prepare for any one thing.

SI: Best gift you've gotten from Emmitt Smith?

Adams: He gave all the linemen an expensive bottle of wine and
fancy goblets.

SI: Your best block ever?

Adams: On a play this year against St. Louis, I hit the
linebacker, and he flew in the air and landed on his back. Emmitt
went for about 20 yards.

SI: Most annoying thing fans say to you?

Adams: "Man, you're big." Like I don't get up in the morning,
brush my teeth and look in the mirror and realize that.

SI: You've got one week left on Earth. What would you want to do?

Adams: Buy the fastest car in the world and see if I can burn the
engine up driving as fast as I can.

SI: NFL coach you'd most like to play for?

Adams: None.... I guess someone who runs the ball a lot.

Giants versus Eagles

Since November 1988 the Giants and the Eagles have met 28 times.
Each team has won 14; each has scored 521 points. "If you're a
Giant, there is no experience in the NFL like walking out of the
tunnel at the Vet and listening to the fans get on you for three
solid hours," says former New York coach Bill Parcells. "Those
people invent new ways to abuse you every single year."


Among the 27 franchises that have played continuously since
1991--the year that Mike Brown took full control of the Bengals'
football decision making--Cincinnati is the only team that has
not made the playoffs and has not had a winning season. Here are
the teams with the worst winning percentages since the start of
the '91 season.

Team Record Winning seasons Winning pct.
1. Bengals 53-129 0 .291
2. Cardinals 67-115 1 .368
3. Seahawks 77-105 2 .423
4. Rams 79-104 3 .432
Colts 79-103 5 .434


1. Niners wideout Terrell Owens may have considered his
ball-signing antics harmless, but after showing up Seahawks
cornerback Shawn Springs, he'll have a bull's-eye on his chest in
the Dec. 1 rematch with Seattle. "If it was me, I would have
gotten a fine, because I would've been fighting," says Seahawks
corner Willie Williams. "If I get my shot [in the next meeting],
I'm taking it."

2. I'll bet you a bowl of gumbo that LSU's Nick Saban coaches in
the NFL next year. My best bets: Lions, Giants, Falcons.