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Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

Though she's eight months pregnant, the 29year-old actress and
wife of tennis star Pete Sampras is still quick on her feet. Her
latest film, Extreme Ops, opens on Nov. 27.

SI: If you have a boy, would you consider naming him Andre or

Wilson-Sampras: No.

SI: You play an Olympic gold medal skier in Extreme Ops. How good
a skier are you?

Wilson-Sampras: Should I be truthful? I've only skied a couple of
times in my life. Any skier would say I stink.

SI: You performed your own stunts in Mortal Kombat. How many
stunts did you perform for this movie?

Wilson-Sampras: I did some stuff, but all the beautiful, wide
skiing shots you see are not me. Sometimes it's a man in a ski
suit and a blond wig who looks just enough like me.

SI: In real life could J-Lo really steal Matthew McConaughey from
you as she did in The Wedding Planner?

Wilson-Sampras: [Laughs.] I'll take the Fifth on that.

SI: In 1999 Pete called you, having never met you. What did he
say that persuaded you to go out with him?

Wilson-Sampras: He actually left a message the first time. He was
just so sweet and humble, and it was such a cute message, I was
like, O.K., I'll call him.

SI: What does your heart say about Pete's playing next year?

Wilson-Sampras: I'm mixed because it's all in his court. The
great thing about it is he's in a position where he can do
whatever he wants to do. If he wants to continue to play and
enjoys it, a lot of the pressure is off. If he doesn't want to
play, he doesn't have to.

SI: Would you rather he play or stay home and be Mr. Mom?

Wilson-Sampras: He'll be a little of Mr. Mom if he's on the road
or not. I told him, "Wait and make your decision once little
Pee-Wee comes. Middle of the night wake-ups and feedings might
make you go, 'I really need to go play tennis.'"

SI: Finally, would you ever have Andre and Steffi Agassi over for
some lunch and a game of doubles?

Wilson-Sampras: If it's Andre and [their infant son], Jaden,
against me and Pete, I just might consider it. --R.D.

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