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November 18, 2002 Table Of Contents

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Scorecard Extra

Nice Rebound

The Continental Basketball Association, which went bankrupt in '00, will tip off this week as strong as ever

By L. Jon Wertheim

Little Big Man

Tampa Bay's Martin St. Louis is just 5' 7 ½", but his height hasn't kept him from being a top NHL scorer

By Daniel G. Habib

New Middle Class

The fresh playmaking of midfielder Aly Wagner, 22, has the U.S. steaming toward the 2003 World Cup

By Kelli Anderson

Political Football

The 1969 Texas-Arkansas title game may have signaled the end of the God-Family-Football era

By Charles Hirshberg Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deltsch

Perfect Partner

Australia's Todd Woodbridge is practically a lock to break the record for men's doubles championships

By L. Jon Wertheim Editied by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deltsch

History Lessons

Alcorn State coach Dave Whitney imparts the wisdom of his five illustrious decades in sports

By Chris Ballard

Si Adventure

Si Adventure

What Places Brothers Reggie And Zach Crist Among The Planet's Top 10 Big Mountain Skiers? Dozens Of Daring First Descents, Innovative Filmmaking And One Helluva Steep Learning Curve

By Tim Layden

Full Tilt Through Fiji

While covering 300 miles of jungle in seven days, racers in the latest Eco-Challenge overcame a raft of new hardships

By Chris Ballard

Inside Out

News and notes from the world of adventure sports

By Kelli Anderson; Yi-Wyn Yen

Indoor Adventure

Too cold to venture outside? Hit the couch and bask in the warm rays of your TV screen as you check out the cream of the winter video game crop

By Mark Bechtel

Livin' It

Is pint-sized Mitchie Brusco skateboarding's next big thing?

By Franz Lidz

And a Child Shall Lead Them

By Austin Murphy

Catching Up With...

Marcus Dupree, Running Back

June 20, 1983

By L. Jon Wertheim

Pro Football

Leader of the Pack

With Brett Favre playing as well as ever--and on track for a fourth MVP award--Green Bay has won seven straight and emerged as the team to beat in the NFC

By Michael Silver


Why Everyone Hates The Leafs

Toronto, the hockey capital of the world, is home to the NHL's most notorious band of whiners, divers and cheap-shot artists

By Michael Farber


The Bruise Brothers

A pair of brawny, brainy Ukrainian Ph.D.'s, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, hope to soon divide and conquer the heavyweight division

By Franz Lidz


Bienvenido, Nene Fran

Back home in Venezuela, Angels postseason phenom Francisco Rodriguez revealed some secrets of his success

By Stephen CannellaSpecial Reporting by Luis Fernando Llosa

College Football

The Big Winners

In pummeling Tennessee, Miami reasserted itself as the team to beat in the race to the national title

By Austin Murphy

Later, Sooners!

Texas A&M ran off with Oklahoma's title hopes

By Kelley King

The Loneliest Losers

Fifteen years ago SMU's powerhouse football program was obliterated by a pay-for-play scandal and the NCAA's first "death penalty." Since then 20 other college programs--including Alabama football this year--have qualified for the ultimate sanction, but all have been spared. Why hasn't the NCAA dropped the death bomb again? Much of the answer lies in the athletic rubble at SMU.

By Tim Layden

Special Report

The High School Athlete

They are stronger and more skilled, but year-round commitment to a single sport and far-flung travel for more and better competition are isolating our best young athletes from their communities and changing the all-around athletic experience that has been at the heart of American sports for generations. Part one of a four-part series

By Alexander Wolff

The Vanishing Three-Sport Star

Bucking a powerful trend toward specialization, two athletes in Louisville are excelling in multiple sports--and savoring the challenge

By Alexander Wolff

Cover Boy

A three-sport sensation 28 years ago, Bruce Hardy is not sure he could pull it off were he a teenager today

By Albert Chen

Grand Slam

For Carolyn Rauen of Cincinnati, happiness is competing hard in four varsity sports, including two in the fall

By Albert Chen

Burned Out

Basketball so consumed Stefanie Schilling's life that she lost her love for the game and walked away

By Albert Chen


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside The NBA

An A to Z

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has put his injuries out of mind to carry the Cavs

By Ian Thomsen

Inside The NFL

Inside the NFL

By Peter King

King's Corner

By Peter King; Sam Wyche

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Inside Motor Sports

Tony Award

The Winston Cup gets some long-overdue final-weekend drama, with Tony Stewart in the driver's seat

By Mark Bechtel

The Play of the Year

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

Back to School


A Round with Hootie

By Steve Rushin; Hootie Johnson


By Alexander Wolff; Tom Verducci; Mark BeechEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deitsch

Q+A - Geena Davis

An accomplished archer (she has ranked as high as 13th in the U.S.) and a trustee for the Women's Sports Foundation, the 46-year-old Academy Award winner had her first child, Alizeh, in April.

By Pete McEntegart; Geena Davis Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deitsch

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deitsch

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deitsch

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Richard Deitsch