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King's Corner

Bucs wideout Keyshawn Johnson

SI: How did you get to be one of the most confident people on

Johnson: If you don't have confidence in yourself, who will? I've
got the confidence because everything that I've ever done, I
relied on myself--and I've achieved most of what I've set out to

SI: Worst thing about life in the NFL?

Johnson: Dealing with idiots who don't understand the way the
game is played.

SI: Best advice you ever got from Bill Parcells?

Johnson: Don't pay attention to idiots.

SI: Does Jon Gruden throw you the damn ball enough?

Johnson: Every coach I've ever had has thrown me the ball
enough--just not always at the right time.

SI: Will you ever play football in New York again?

Johnson: Yes.

SI: Favorite TV shows?

Johnson: Martin, The Jeffersons, SportsCenter.

SI: The importance of money?

Johnson: Very important. Without money, you can't survive. Anyone
who says you don't need money is lying.

The Rams versus the road

With its playoff life on the line, St. Louis plays in three
difficult venues in a span of 15 days--FedEx Field (Redskins),
Veterans Stadium (Eagles) and Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs). The
Rams may need to run the table in the last six weeks if they want
to make the playoffs, and they'll have to face not only three
teams with playoff hopes of their own, but also 231,287
boisterous fans.


Quarterbacks have never before been as efficient as they've been
this season, in part because they're throwing more
high-percentage passes than ever. Since the 1970 merger the
highest completion percentage for a season came last year
(59.0%), but through 11 weeks NFL quarterbacks are on pace to
beat that. Here are the most efficient seasons for quarterbacks
through Week 11.


2002 10,859 6,605 60.8%

2001 10,218 6,094 59.6

2000 10,471 6,130 58.5

1991 8,586 5,005 58.3

1994 9,413 5,471 58.1


1. With New York Yankees prospect Drew Henson struggling in his
baseball career, he would be wise to consider a return to
football. Here's a recent scouting report on Henson, who would
have been a senior at Michigan last year, from respected Cowboys
scout Jim Garrett: "Henson is a clone of Troy Aikman and is
better than Aikman due to his quicker arm action and faster
mechanics. He has a great arm. He will take a team to the Super

2. The best landing spots next year for Rams quarterback Marc
Bulger, who will be a restricted free agent after this season:
Carolina, Arizona, Tampa Bay or Chicago. The Cardinals have the
most 2003 cap money available, and I don't think they'll re-sign
Jake Plummer, a looming free agent. --Peter King