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Q+A Craig Kilborn

The 6'5" host of CBS's Late Late Show played Division I
basketball at Montana State from 1981 to '84. He groomed for his
current gig by working as a sportscaster, including three years
as an anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter.

SI: Is it true you abide by a pyramid of success modeled upon
John Wooden's?

Kilborn: Yes. It starts with "Check your negativity at the door,"
it moves over to "Hug a rainbow," and then there's "Shower up."
I'm kind of writing it as I go along.

SI: How come the Fighting Bobcats of Montana State almost never
make the NCAA tournament?

Kilborn: There's more to life than winning basketball games.
That's what you have to remind yourself when you're not winning
basketball games.

SI: You played forward and guard in college. How would you
describe your game?

Kilborn: I was an outside shooter. Defense was not something I
was particularly interested in. I was the poor, poor, poor, poor
man's Pistol Pete.

SI: Do you think some of the current ESPN anchors are stealing
your shtick?

Kilborn: You're assuming that anyone still watches SportsCenter.
Kidding! I apologize to America if I started this phenomenon [of
using highlights as vehicles for wisecracks]. Just give me the
scores! If I want comedy, I'll watch the CBS Evening News.

SI: As a Vikings fan, and a Minnesotan, what's your take on Randy

Kilborn: He's a punk. But the Vikings are in this world to keep
me humble. I have a great job, a great house, pretty nice glutes.
The Vikings keep me down-to-earth because they'll never win a
Super Bowl.

SI: What was the best thing about being the play-by-play guy for
the CBA's Savannah Spirits in 1987--88?

Kilborn: A couple of times they were short players and I got to
practice. If you think I didn't play defense in college, you
should have seen me in the CBA.

SI: Yourself aside, who's the best celebrity basketball player in

Kilborn: Of the guys over 30 [Kilborn is 40], George Clooney and
David Duchovny. Clooney is avoiding me. He's waiting for me to
get older. I've got the Larry Bird lower back, but I'm confident
I can take him. --Pete McEntegart

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COLOR PHOTO: DOROTHY LOW/PEOPLE I have pretty nice glutes