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Deja Vu

I am looking at the Dec. 23 cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (True
Grit, Why the Packers Keep on Winning), and I am reminded of a
similar cover from back in the mid-'60s. It featured Bart Starr
from about straight on, wearing Green Bay's traveling white
uniform. The shoulder of a 49er in his red jersey was also
visible. I have a lot of my old SIs, but not that one. Could you
show that cover again?

No Brotherly Love

What the hell was Michael Bamberger thinking when he wrote about
the last Eagles game in Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium
(SCORECARD, Dec. 23)? Philly fans are fanatic, I'll give them
that, but they have no class. Having grown up a Cowboys fan, I
realize it's a heated rivalry, but to cheer Michael Irvin's
injury shows unbelievably poor sportsmanship. The "fans" who
applauded Irvin's being hurt should get a special treat when the
Vet finally comes down: watching from the inside.

Roberts Rules

Stanley Roberts's ability to admit fault, forgive others and take
responsibility is missing in many sports role models, and is much
more inspiring than the ability to win a championship (His Own
Worst Enemy, Dec. 23). The article also showed that Shaq has all
the same qualities, not just the last one. We can all learn
something from the character of these two men.
STEPHEN BROWN, Arlington, Va.

Should we pity this man-child whose $35 million fortune was
squandered to surround himself with drugs, women, mansions and a
bevy of friends? Want to spread some well-placed pity? Start with
Roberts's fatherless, unwanted children.
ROBERT WOLFF, Moorestown, N.J.

Sudsed Out

Like Steve Rushin, I enjoy a cold beer on occasion, but beer
sales are the biggest reason I no longer attend sports events
(AIR AND SPACE, Dec. 23). It's just not worth subjecting myself
to the consequences.

Firing Back

Real deer hunters do not peruse catalogs and load up with
gimmicks as Rick Reilly would have you believe (THE LIFE OF
REILLY, Dec. 23). A real deer hunter's idea of a great day is
getting into the woods before dawn, listening to and observing
all the sounds and sights of the forest waking up, and spending
the day away from phones, email, etc. Real deer hunters don't
need to kill anything or even take a shot to enjoy a day in the
woods. Oh, by the way, if a trophy deer wanders by, real deer
hunters prefer to take only one shot. Rick, please go back to
writing about sports that you understand.
BOB STERN, Novato, Calif.

Reilly's probably just a traditionalist. I'm sure his golf bag is
full of persimmon-headed woods, balata balls, steel shafts and
metal spikes. Hell, I bet he even does his Stairmaster workout in
a pair of canvas Chuck Taylors. Hunt on, old-schooler.

I am an outdoorsman and avid hunter who looks forward each fall
to the start of hunting season. The special camaraderie of
friends in the field coupled with Mother Nature's beauty brings
about a sense of peacefulness and anticipation that only a hunter
understands. Reilly is correct in criticizing the occasional
yahoos who take unfair, yet legal, advantages over the game they
stalk, but they are the exception, not the rule. I am a hunting
purist and believe in keeping an even playing field, but
goshdarnit, them bucks are tricky--which is why I use my Bushnell
Yardage Pro laser rangefinder ($179).
MARK BISHOP, East Syracuse, N.Y.

For those of us who were taught by our dads and grandfathers how
to respect the land and animals that God has created, Reilly's
attempt at humor is offensive.
LYLE MCCAW, Medford, Ore.

Most hunters I know value physical fitness, truly wild wildlife,
primitive stalking and woodcraft skills, and are appalled by
laziness, high-tech gadgets and the shooting of captive animals.
I hope Reilly's harangue will help bring our lost brethren to
their senses before the vast nonhunting majority of Americans get
mad enough to regulate hunting back to the Stone Age. I'd like to
see the technology rolled back, but maybe just to 1950. I kind of
like my binoculars and scoped .308.
DON BURGESS, Florence, Mont.

If Reilly wants to write an inaccurate and insulting column
referring to hunters as "tanked-up yokels" interested only in
satisfying a thirst for trophies--a description that fits none of
the many hunters I know--that's his prerogative. I'm not buying
it though. Cancel my subscription.

Good article, but I cringed at the thought of the blitz of
letters you would receive from folks who don't understand the
concept of sarcasm.

Barkin' Dawgs

He wrote a great article (Dawg Days, Dec. 23), but it's clear
that L. Jon Wertheim isn't from anywhere near Athens. Why? He
surely would have cited a Varsity chili dog, onion rings and
Co-cola instead of a mere burger and Coke float. The Georgia
Dawgs bark for four quarters. Chili dawgs bark all night!
BUCK BUCHANAN, St. Simons Island, Ga.



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